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The Perfect Escape: Premium Escape Room Game Experience in Dallas!

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Come experience the latest craze in social pastimes! You and a group of friends are placed in a room(s) with 1 hour to follow the clues, solve puzzles, complete the objective and get out of a locked room. The Perfect Escape is Arlington's First Escape Rooms! Offering Premium and Original escape game experiences to DFW. The Perfect Escape room strives to provide a state of the art premium experience to raise the bar in this growing social past time. We are confident your time here will stand out from the majority of other experiences available in the DFW area as we are huge escape room enthusiasts ourselves. We believe having multiple rooms for each of our adventures allows us to be more creative. High-end quality decor, and a blend of different puzzles and clues instead of the typical combination lock and key puzzles will provide a much more memorable escape room experience! Visit the Website https://perfectescaperoom.com/ Like on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theperfectes... Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/theperfectescap BIG Profile: https://goo.gl/WVW3Db The Perfect Escape 2501 Avenue J #104 Arlington USA TX 76006 Call (817) 962-0042 Email customerHelp@perfectescaperoom.com We are located in the Entertainment District of Arlington. Near many restaurants, the Cowboys/Rangers Stadium, as well as Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. # PLEASE RESERVE SPOTS BEFORE COMING # Sun-Thurs – 10:30AM – 9:00PM Fri-Sat – 10:30AM – 10:30PM Showcase your business: https://bigreviewtv.com/contact-us https://bigreviewtv.com/membership info@bigreviewtv.com
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