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Best Online Marketing Mobile App for Your Medical Store (Pharmacy)

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EMedStore: “Your Pharmacy Application” is the India’s 1st and most popular mobile app for medical stores to increase their sales and expand business instantly. It is the perfect app for pharmacy owners to open up new shop (24X7) to deliver better quality of service to their customers/patients by saving their time and provide home delivery of medicines. EMedStore can help to any pharmacist to create “Your Pharmacy Mobile Application” within 3 days and inexpensively. When your pharmacy business puts out an app, customers can download it to their smartphone and interact with your health products business on the go. They can perform whatever functions you choose, from simple things to looking up offers, pharmacy details, send prescription, to more complicated things like submitting orders or sending a message to a pharmacist. Any Pharmacist (Medical store owner) can use EMedStore, no special technical expertise is needed. We will walk you through each step of app training with our easy-to-use features. Once your app is published, you can evaluate, edit, and manage your app from your pharmacy app dashboard with just a few clicks. EMedStore is the missing link between Medical Store and their Customers. Digital Pharmacy Mobile App. EMedStore app can increase revenue, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, customer engagement, visit frequency to your location, and can have many other benefits. The opportunities created by app for small pharmacies are valuable and extraordinarily cost-effective. We have a huge wealth of powerful features for your medical store to incorporate into medical store app! You can view them few here: ★ Search & Buy Medicine: Indian medicines database available to order medicines with other health products. ★ Upload Prescription: Patients can send prescription to pharmacist by taking picture or select from data. ★ Medicine Refill: Patients can send their regular medicines order on a click by getting pre notifications. ★ Offers: Pharmacist can display & send notifications of OTC and other medicine discount offers. ★ Chat With Pharmacist: In emergency, patient can ask to his pharmacist to get rid of the situation. ★ Find A Doctor: List out doctors nearby your pharmacy for your clients to find doctors. ★ Medicine Reminder: Your patients can set medicine taking timing as a reminder for all medicines. ★ Call Us: Your client can call you on a click and no need to search of contact number. ★ Medical Details: Pharmacist can display all details including address with google map, bank details, timing, etc. ★Benefits of EMedStore: Make your medical store online presence to compete competition Delivered excellent user experience Fastest communication with customer Do online marketing Get more orders & sales Display offers of generic medicines & high margin products Get repetitive orders from regular customers Generate new customers via App activity Get huge database of all customers Promote your medical store to get order from anywhere in India Customers can buy medicine/product at their convenience Medicine refill reminders will be sent automatically to all your patients Your patients will get regular medicines reminders Your customers can search medicines and send order to you Your customers can do free chatting with you Your patients can search doctors nearby your medical store Consumers privately and conveniently order for medicines Customers living far from the pharmacy can order easily Medicine home delivery ★ How can I get EMedStore? Call on +91 97377 12429 or send email on info@emedstore.in and our representative will get back to you. ★ Visit www.emedstore.in
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swapnil wankhede (3 месяца назад)
I would like to request you kindly call on +91 98247 28969 or +91 97377 12429 to get the price for the app. You can also visit our website www.EMedStore.in or drop an email on info@emedstore.in Thanks,
Ульяна Громова (7 месяцев назад)
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greeky anmol (1 год назад)
I'm intrested in this product I'm Need to get in with one of your representative
Dear Mr. Anmol Kajaria, Thanks for showing interest in our product. www.EMedStore.in I would like to request you kindly call on +91 98247 28969 or +91 97377 12429 to get representative at your place. You can visit www.EMedStore.in or drop an email on info@emedstore.in Thanks, EMedStore Team
mods pakistan (1 год назад)
dear its very good i m in pakistan and i need your help regarding your software is it possible to make software for me kindly give me e mail i will contact with you on that
Dear Sir, Thanks for showing interest in our product. Kindly send your requirements on info@emedstore.in or you can whatsapp/viber on +91 98247 28969. We are providing customized solution for pharmaceutical industry as well. Thanks, EMedStore Team
Yes sir, You can use this online pharmacy platform to get new orders of medicines from your entire nation 24X7 and make it easy to purchase for all of your customers. info@emedstore.in +91 97377 12429 0091 98247 28969 (whatsapp) www.EMedStore.in

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