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Before and After Pictures *3 1/2 months on Phentermine Medication

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Pictures from day 1, about a month later, and then today! Not until I'd taken these pictures had even I seen the huge change. I'm glad I took them! :-)
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Anitra A (3 месяца назад)
Is it just me because I really can't see any difference or weight loss?? Yeah, that music is wicked creepy!
Daxon Strachan (1 год назад)
creepy music and video. but nice. thanks
Romelia Polly (1 год назад)
I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal page. I just love it !
Romana Angersbach (1 год назад)
Go should go to Unflexal webpage if you'd like to learn more about workouts. Good new solutions for everyone I think.
Cheryl Costello (2 года назад)
I'm on phentermine from my doctor lost 15 1/2 pounds in 27 days. I also take a b12 shot.this works
Sofia Latuff (2 года назад)
Hi Ashley, and anybody else interested! I work for a research firm and we need the opinions of users of Phentermine. We are going to have phone conversations about thoughts and views on using the medication, and we need at least 10 people to participate. We will also provide an honorarium for your help of 75 dollars for half an hour, and 150 dollars for the full hour. The only requirements are that your BMI be over 27, and have taken have taken phentermine (including branded forms such as Adipex-P) at least twice in the past 3 years, and that you are not taking it right now. Please let me know if you’re interested in participating so we can talk about the details on setting up the phone consultation. This is very real, and you can see my contact information is below. Send me an email, add me on LinkedIn, but we need to have the calls the week of June 20th to June 24th. I hope to speak to you soon! Best, Sofía 646 583 0854 sofia.pacheco@atheneum-partners.com https://cl.linkedin.com/in/sofia-pacheco-latuff-680807a5
Luís Fermín (2 года назад)
Hi, I work for a research firm and we need the opinions of former users of Phentermine. We need 60 minute paid phone conversations about thoughts and views on using the medication, and would love for you to participate. We will also provide an honorarium (150 USD) for your help. The only requirements are that your BMI be over 27, and have taken have taken phentermine (including branded forms such as Adipex-P) at least once in the past 3 years but are no longer taking it. Please let me know if you’re interested in participating so we can talk about the details on setting up the phone consultation. My contact information is below. I hope to speak to you soon! Best,
Savannah rose (2 года назад)
Sometimes diet and eating right and exercise just does not work for some people and for those of you to think and or believe deeply that diet and exercise works for everyone well I must say you are truly ignorant I must get off your high horse, I don't and have never had any problem whatsoever losing weight my husband on the other hand gained weight during my pregnancy with our second child and he never lost it, he can't seem to lose it he eats right drinks lots of water he doesn't eat candy or cakes he doesn't like a lot of sweets he doesn't drink sodas he has a wonderful workout routine and he works construction on a farm so he lives a very healthy active life style so the fact that he can't lose his weight there's obviously something else going on, anyway one of my friends was a bigger girl and she was in the same boat as my hubby she dieted exercised stay away from candies and sodas and she could NOT lose her weight she was the one who told me about Phentermine she showed me her before and after pictures and told me that all she did was ""take Phentermine" she said ""my life style was a work out all in its own so i didnt need to go to the gym anymore because the weight fell off"" I was amazed with her results and I want my husband to try it after he does a system cleanser of course, I love my husband but I'm not sexually attracted to him anymore he is barely 5 foot 5 and he's almost 200 pounds he wants to lose weight himself but can't seem to do it on his own so he's going to try Phentermine.. note: we have 3 children and after our second child just for shit and giggles I took Lipozene with absolutely no dieting or exercising and I actually had to quit taking it because I got so skinny then again like I said I've never had a problem losing weight "no stretch marks either" I just took it to see if it really worked and it does, with that said maybe we will try Lipozene first. I want to be his shoulder to lean on his # 1 fan his # 1 support during this whole process and go to the gym with him if need be, I just want that over all attraction and everything back plus I want him to be and stay healthy ♡♡
Jaime B (2 года назад)
According to my doctor...who presented at a conference on weight loss...phentermine works, and diet and exercise (unfortunately) really don't. Adults who are overweight have reset their hypothalamus; there is no going backward without a fight. She literally said... "People who say just exercise more and eat less are full of sh!t." My doctor. Said that. OUT LOUD. I love her. Point being - we all need help in today's day and age.
elena Sal (2 года назад)
+Savannah rose hi gatorade has heaps of sugar too. stick to water. day 2 of duromine less jittery. mouth still dry. no snacking. couldnt careless about lollies or sugar. 2kg loss!!!! i have tried for 6 weeks sticking to a diet and exercise program with 1kg loss followed by 1kilo gain. i am happy duromine is working
Savannah rose (2 года назад)
+elena Sal he is Hispanic, and he doesn't eat to unhealthy really he drinks ALOT of water and Gatorade at work to keep him hydrated he eats a lot of eggs he doesn't like to drink a lot of soda or eat a lot of candy or sweets, hes always been that way, he does eat a lot of spicy stuff IE jalapeños :/ We have been together for 12 years and have not slept in the same bed and almost 3 years due to his snoring being so bad I can hear him through ear plugs and I'm hard of hearing in my right ear even though he drinks a lot of water and Gatorade when he does drink it sounds like it's going into a huge gallon lol he's able to sit down and pass out meaning fall asleep in a matter of short minutes he wakes up with headaches and still tired :( I want and need my poor husband to be and stay healthy not only for himself but for our 3 "hopefully soon to be 4 children" also for me, he's the only man Ive ever really known since I was 16, he's my first everything LITERALLY ♡♡♡
elena Sal (2 года назад)
i will keep you posted about the phentermine if you want. i dont put myself out the on youtube. i did start with healthbtests and blood tests. on paper im healthy as! no issues! but the outside is fat. trust me. 110kgs or 242 pounds. 164cm or 5"4. im doing this to be able to access IVF. on paper im.healthy but IVF clinics take your BMI into account. In your husbands case sleep apnoe is dangerous but i can resolve with weight loss. which being in the same boat as your hubby can be a tad more difficult. your also speaking to an registered nurse. lol. so far day 1. slight headache. dry mouth. slightly racey. NO desire for unhealthy foods. ate a mandarin for lunch. i can still eat, i still have the desire. but not as much. and no carbs are calling me and no lollies are calling me.
Savannah rose (2 года назад)
+elena Sal oh im happy for you ♡ I worry that he will end up "if not already has" pre diabetes or high blood pressure, one thing I do know he has is sleep apnea and that can be dangerous, I never knew how dangerous is can be til just recently :(
Daniel Giummule (2 года назад)
were you excerising or was it just the meds?
Ashley Reis (2 года назад)
Mainly just the meds, which is why I put some of the weight back on gradually. I stress a lifestyle change, but I needed to change a bit more. :-)
Liz Avila (3 года назад)
I'm starting adipex tomorrow. I uploaded my 1st video and I would love to upload every week. please give me your support. thanks
Petty Patty (3 года назад)
For any of you looking into joining in on this wonderful weight loss sistahood journey, here's a word of advice. Go through your actual physician and buy it from a local pharmacy. Don't buy that questionable crap from someone just wanting to make a *fast* buck online! Don't risk your precious health...and *here's* why! *Phen375* contains Synephrine (the Sympathomimetic amine), which is very chemically *similar to Ephedra* which was *banned* from the market by the FDA due to side effects of stroke, seizure, heart attacks, etc. Synephrine and Ephedrine are *both* stimulants (similar to) *Phenteramine, except that Phenteramine is a *By Perscription ONLY* product, regulated by the FDA for efficacy and safety as well as quality. *Phen375* is (not as potent or effective as) Phenteramine because it simply has "bitter orange" which is *a source of* Synephrine. That's it, and *there is no regulation* by the FDA on whether the product actually even contains what it says it does. *Bottom line:* Phen37.5 is unsafe because (you don't know) what's in it, since it's not regulated by the FDA, and nearly identical to banned Ephedra. So, exercise, eat right, and if you think you need to try this medication, see your doctor so you can be monitored! You don't want to compromise your health or (lose your life) unnecessarily because you wanted to quickly lose weight! Have a nice day!
Petty Patty (3 года назад)
+Shelby Lumsden Well, as for me and my weight loss journey...the *Dr*. prescribed *Phentermine 37.5* is working for me. I've been able to lose and maintain/
0906ladybug (3 года назад)
Music is creepy but the message is amazing
elena Sal (2 года назад)
yes music is creepy but thanks for posting
Sarah Stone (4 года назад)
i heard some people talking about this working,and i've gotten really sick and thanks to that i have gained a lot of weight, so i think i will be talking to my doctor about getting this. i'm like 130 pounds over my healthy weight T-T
Cecilia Leon (4 года назад)
Omg it does work
ashish sharma (5 лет назад)
If you desire to shed pounds, you should google Fat Blast Factor. They can help you get the body you deserve.
Plum Happy Vee (5 лет назад)
Nunya Bidness (5 лет назад)
U look good but i think it would be easier to see ur results if u wore clothes that flattered ur body more
Deepa Deshmukh (5 лет назад)
I too have hypothyroid. I researched a little.. and read that phentermine cannot be taken by those having overactive thyroid (hyperthyroid).. and ours is underactive.... so I thought maybe its ok to have... pls reply.. am curious. Currently I take Thyronorm 100 mg for my hypo...
Ali c (5 лет назад)
Do you live in the us?
Matthew Van Vleet (5 лет назад)
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janeth nillama Castillo (5 лет назад)
I used Phentermine from medsheacen and It will help to reduce a lot of body fat In a short period of time. It gives me more self-esteem. Recommend Phentermine from medsheaven.
ursuro2005 (5 лет назад)
Hiya, have you experienced Cosmos Fat Loss? (look for it on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Cosmos Fat Loss, you will discover how to burn fat quickly.
George Clancy (5 лет назад)
I found a website that helped me losing weight. It’s called POUNDALE.COM . Check out tips and you won’t be disappointed.
Ashley Reis (6 лет назад)
@notfatanymoreyousee Absolutely! As much as I "thought" I was learning about eating, I was still so clueless. Since Phen I've finally done the learning I should have done then. Thank you so much for your comment. You are right on! :)
ElsabetSara (7 лет назад)
I love this song. does anyone know what it's called?
April Showers (7 лет назад)
@lisetmadrigal omg..i thought i was the only one with pcos and overweight..im 18..and because of pcos i am overweight..i try hard to lose weight but the gym is doing nothing for me. and me being overweight is causing other problems..im scared to ask my doc cus she always tells me that i dont need to be on any weight medicine...she was even trying hard to not put me on a water pill.! does anybody know if medicaid covers any percentage.?
laura Alexander (7 лет назад)
Rd jiffy zzzzefz ste huge z wsws z
scott22v (7 лет назад)
@Miserlymom I take 250 mcg of synthroid for my hypothyroidism, and I just started the phentermine. The doc told me to take the phentermine one hour after my synthroid.. Your doc may just want to get ur tsh levels to normal before trying the phentermine
Hotives (7 лет назад)
39 lbs in 3 1/2 that's terrible, should'be atleast been 60+
GlitterGoddess (8 лет назад)
@lisetmadrigal can i get phentermine without a prescription?
GlitterGoddess (8 лет назад)
where do you buy phentermine at? can you buy it without a prescription?
icic5 (8 лет назад)
your videos are sooo encouraging, congratulations on you success, by the way i love that song, what's it called?
ifluz (8 лет назад)
Congrats! u looking GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Reis (8 лет назад)
Congrats on your journey to weight loss! Yes, my first 3 months I did work out, but the work out was more like a warm up before my self defense classes. My classes were 2-3 days a week. As well I was able to choose healthier foods to eat because I wasn't really hungry enough to eat badly. Good luck & Stay motivated! :-)
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thanks Miserlymom! I'm sorry u were not able to get Phen., but it's still wonderful that you've found the problem and it's treatable, right? Did your Dr. say you could/would experience weight loss with your new medication? I wish you all the best and really hope your medication helps you to feel better about your weight. If you don't mind me asking (for the sake of others who might need to know), what were some of your symptoms of Hypo. that others may be experiencing too & should see a Dr.?
Miserlymom (9 лет назад)
Thats amazing! Congrats! I messaged you awhile back in regards to phentermine... sadly I went to the doctor and was actually diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which is WHY I am the current weight I am... and unfortunately, I cannot take ANY forms of diet pills in conjunction with my thyroid medication I am now taking... I just hope slowly but surely, being on my thyroid medication helps me get back to where I need to be.. Anyway, congrats on your weight loss!
Wendy Tippens (9 лет назад)
That is so cool! You are looking great! Keep at it, girl!
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thanks a lot! I must admit though, the Phentermine does most of the work. ;-p
MICHAEL BAPTISTE (9 лет назад)
You look amazing , keep up the great work.
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thanks! Don't worry about the weigh-in. I've seen you on video; you look great! :-) I gotta go in tomorrow too. They have my records so messed up regarding how much I've actually lost that I don't care anymore what they say I've lost. I have my videos and my own records to go by...thankfully! ;-)
cgrammeral (9 лет назад)
Woohoo! I'm soooooo excited for you! I can see a change in your face/neck and definitely in your waistline! Go girl! I've been on it and have only lost 16 lbs in two months. I go for my weigh in Friday... kinda nervous I didn't do as well as last month :(
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thank you! I was quite shocked at the difference in my face too. I really hadn't noticed it that much until I saw these pictures. I'm so glad I took pictures when I first started! :-) Thanks for your comment! Later, Ashley
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thank you sweetie! Just the fact that you and I can hug now without so much flesh keeping us separated was a huge showing of evidence to me. :-D heehee
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thanks Tiffiny! I wish more people knew about how much Phentermine could possibly help them too. I'd like to get down to about 140-145, so I still have about another 40-45 lbs. to lose. But, just having lost 39lbs, I feel like I've lost such an incredible amount already! I don't want to stop losing, but the weight I am now is much more acceptable to me than it was before. :-)
Mike Reis (9 лет назад)
WOW!! I could already see the progress without this video, but I'm glad you shared it with everyone. It helped show yourself how much you've lost as well. Congrats babe!! Keep up the great work!!
Ashley Reis (9 лет назад)
Thank you! I hadn't noticed as much of the difference until I took these pictures AND actually put those jeans on again. I haven't worn those jeans in quite a while because they're way too big now. That's awesome too! Keep us all updated on how your Fri. appt. goes and your progress afterwards! God bless!
Vanessa Cengic (9 лет назад)
That is soooooo awesome how loose that shirt is on you now! What a big blessing :) I cant wait till Friday for my appointment with the weight loss doc!

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