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Pharmacist tips for ordering medicine online

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Pharmacist Elizabeth Belcher of the Cleveland Clinic talks about the safest way to order medicine online.
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rebecae connie (2 месяца назад)
Cali Kush (1 год назад)
White folks are excited💊💉😳😰😵
Kung Lao (1 год назад)
Abusing prescription medications is NOT a good idea. Even though CNN is run by retarded leftists, this video is actually pretty good as it tells you the actual laws for supplements vs medications.
Rondo Rivero (1 год назад)
Kung Lao why keep using words like retarded show some positivity. The video is very helpful I am a pharmacist lete know if u have any questions. Thx
Anna Ligtenberg (1 год назад)
*waiver Typos are not ok in media. Create jobs - hire a proofreader!
Scotty Good (1 год назад)
They're gonna send me another hospital after I turned myself in!!!!!!!! Now they want to send me to a gay dull brain dead physcharist hospital! They're trying to Back Engeneer the BRAIN of GOD!!!! I'm sending the to hell where they will burn etc etc for ETERNITY! ✝️
Jonny Stugotts (1 год назад)
Anything CIA CNN says or advises....do the exact opposite.
Rondo Rivero (1 год назад)
Jonny Stugotts I'm a pharmacist and so is most of my phamily none of this advice is bad. Ask me any questions if u want.

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