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Amada - Fiber Laser @ EMO Hannover 2011 [ENG]

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On the EMO Hannover exhibition, we are on Amada's booth, and we are looking at now at the FOL Fiber Laser machine. More information: http://www.cnc.hu http://www.cnc.hu/2011/10/amada-fiber-lezer/
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Tarsem Singh (3 месяца назад)
i am a amada laser well qualified operator if any company want a amada fiber machine operator call me 7009892703
alrafeah khamees (1 год назад)
price my email is alrafeah456@gmail.com
Anas Suhaimi (2 года назад)
Why did the guy say that fibre laser does not replace CO2 laser, but rather a great complimenting technology? If it's faster, cut more types of material, why not just get fiber? how is the capex cost in getting a fiber laser machine compare to that of CO2? and what about the production cost? maintenance and upkeeping cost?
Mohsen Masrori (4 года назад)
good laser cnc machine 
Yorkshire Profiles Ltd (5 лет назад)
At them speeds the operator needs to be damn sure the parts are not going to tip up!
John Carnes (5 лет назад)
have seen this laser run in real time...awsome is all i can say
CNCMedia (6 лет назад)
Thanks for your question! It depends hardly on the job, what you cut and also on the degree of automation. Amada provides systems, which can run more days without any human interaction. You can ask for exact answer by Amada North America: 1-714-739-2111 or you can look for other contact information at their homepage.
Rian V (6 лет назад)
at what cycle time will the machine outrun and wait on the automation??

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