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How to expand your pharmacy business and increase sales?

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How can you reach to all cities and states of India to expand your pharmacy business? A) Open 1,000+ medical stores (Very expensive + monthly cost + tough to manage huge staff) B) Start online pharmacy (very cheap + 1 time investment + simple) - Opportunities in the Indian E - Pharmacy Market: US$ 3 Billion and market to grow upto 10-15% by 2025. - E-Commerce has today become a thriving industry in India, with stiff competition among global and domestic industry giants like Amazon and Flipkart to gain major portion of the market share. Among the several segments of e-commerce, one that remains widely untapped with tremendous potential in the future is the online pharmacy market or E-Pharmacy. - INR 1500+ Crore medicines sold out online in 2017 in India only and it’s just 1% of market. - Reach to entire nation with 1 pharmacy shop + pharmacy app - It’s the need of Today’s market and it’s the future of Indian pharma business. - Big online pharmacy of India were started like you few years ago and now they are market leader (only the difference is technology) so start your online pharmacy to get new orders of medicines from other cities & states 24X7. - Development cost is like your 1 month expense of medical store (rent + light bill + salary + expense) - No need of additional inventory + no extra staff + no setup cost (use your existing medical store to manage new orders) For more information : Website : www.emedstore.in Call on : +91 97377 12429 (WhatsApp) / 079 4800 1671 Send Email on info@emedstore.in
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