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Pharmacy mistakes: What happens when drug stores mix up meds (CBC Marketplace)

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Originally broadcast January 23, 2015 We rely on pharmacists when we're sick. But what happens if they make a mistake? We're investigating pharmacy errors, taking hidden cameras into 50 Canadian pharmacies in the largest test of its kind in Canada. Do ‪‎pharmacists‬ dispense the right advice and catch potentially dangerous drug interactions? And who's tracking the mistakes that happen? More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Manjot Singh (17 часов назад)
Hector Buemi (8 дней назад)
They should put up a cardboard sign that says "please tell your pharmacist about other drugs you are taking"
A (16 дней назад)
And they worry about giving pain meds to people in pain. Sounds like big business has got their classes into this too
atrocchia (19 дней назад)
This is so overly dramatic.
seductivespy (1 месяц назад)
Solution: Get your prescriptions filled from a privately run pharmacy or apothecary who will always treat each customer with care, give as much time as needed and detailed information to safely take any medication.
Tan Charlotte-Jayne (1 месяц назад)
wow this is embarrassing. pharmacists have to ask questions first before evaluating whether the patient can take the drug. when dispensing medications they also have to educate the patients on how to take it, expected side effects and what to do in certain possible adverse events and what food he cannot take with it. that pharmacist just takes the medication without understand the patient's reason for wanting it, the patient's past medical history and any possible medications the patient is on and she just takes it and goes straight to the cashier without patient education. this is disturbing honestly.
jo mob (1 месяц назад)
STORY TIME: I know this is older but I'm sure people still watch this video. Recently I've gotten very sick. I've had stomach trouble for the past few years, I assume a lot of which was from past opiate abuse. I'm on a treatment program, and taking suboxone. A couple years before that, I was prescribed Effexor for depression. For my stomach problems, the only thing that worked was Odansatron, (Zofran). It should have been the doctors that brought it up knowing what I was on, but also the pharmacy I go to makes a point of checking what I'm on, to make sure it's what is right for me. (Or anyone, its their slogan )No one brought anything up, some seemed a little hesitant... which I didn't know why. Finally a few weeks ago, one pharmacist warned me about "serotonin syndrome", saying that because all three of those medications worked with it, I'm at risk. It explained a few symptoms I got. Because it's been awhile that I've been taking the combo, he said I'm probably safe BUT HE WAS THE ONLY ONE OUT OF ALL THOSE DOCTORS AND PHARMACISTS TO DISPENSE MY MEDICATION KNOWING WHAT I WAS ON TO BRING IT UP. he didn't care that there were other people waiting, he did the right thing, and gave me a list of things to look for to avoid it, warning signs, and things to avoid. (Heavy exercise, stimulating activity, fast upbeat music,caffeine, etc... 😫) which made sense.. I always felt crazy after my coffee, and shaky. I can't say I can stop exercising.. but I'm smarter with what I do and take breaks. I told him I really appreciated him helping me because no one else had brought this up to me before, they all just bit their lip, warned maybe I should take less Zofran without telling me why, (when I asked, they said it's just healthier to take less), or just asked why I took any of the above and nodded then filled and dispensed to me. I'm happy there are certain people out there that will look out for you. I just wonder why so many of these people didn't say anything ? Maybe because they trusted the doctors decision and didn't want to question it, or it was too busy. But there's my story ! Ps: it is my responsibility to question what I am taking, but when the doctor explains each drug individually, I believed I knew enough. I don't know the interactions with each other.. I assumed my doctor or pharmacist would let me know. I've met great pharmacists who take the time to explain what it is I'm taking and side effects when I'm new to something. Others don't say much.
Lucas Dunker (1 месяц назад)
blonde lady's in denial
Australian SkyWatch (1 месяц назад)
The Dr or pharmacy didn't tell me about interactions, it was too late by the time I checked interactions online. Serotonin syndrome, hypotention and my whole nervous system shut down. And no one is held responsible
Lizzie X (1 месяц назад)
I hate it when pharmacists do the "right" thing according to this video when it comes to prescription drugs. It's my doctor's responsibility to know if a drug is safe, and frankly, it humiliates me to be asked "Have you taken Zoloft before?" Like, could you not tell the whole store I'm on antidepressants? Thanks.
enthros (2 месяца назад)
why isant  it all tracked by computer. if dr prescribes conflicting meds, it lets them know to pick a different combination?
Storm Summers (2 месяца назад)
I'm a pharmacy assistant in Australia and we have similar guidelines. You wouldn't believe how agressive some cutsomers get when you follow protocol.
Sunset Cliff (3 месяца назад)
hmm- the population sure needs alot of hand holding. I dont want to be treated like I am 5 years old.
SiGHT SMaSH (4 месяца назад)
It's easy in the us get a shotgun get your way
brebella angel (4 месяца назад)
Look I really don't think they should be responsible the doctor's should all they do is fill it! The only time the should be held accountable is if they give the wrong mediation or the wrong amount this is the first time I don't agree with you guys
PinkJellyfish (4 месяца назад)
NOTHING happens. A pharmacy switched brands on me - some people and some drugs it doesnt matter. Effexor it did. I almost died and Walmart pharmacy will NOT even admit fault or anything. A year of my life completely trashed.
Sierra C. (4 месяца назад)
Lmao did she really need to pause?
Charlie Manner (7 месяцев назад)
Everytime I buy Advil, i don't need a speech. I know how it works, so why should a pharmie waste time? Now if I just ask them for a otc medicine for the flu, I'd expect them to give advice.
Charlie Manner (7 месяцев назад)
Its the Drs fault. They know your medical history, not the pharmacists problem. You patients want privacy right? You don't wanna talk about what other medication you're taking in a public shopping pharmacy right? So the pharmacist shouldn't be telling you anything except how to take the medication on your prescription.
Lesley Young (8 месяцев назад)
Working for several walk-in clinics, we would receive many calls from pharmacists double checking and or alerting the Doctors of their prescription errors. There were 2 cases where they actually saved the life of the patient! It's a sad fact of life where jobs fall prey to understaffing or overtaxing staff.
james MALAVIYA (8 месяцев назад)
According to this Chanel’s research , pharmacists makes 50,000 dispensing errors out of 600 million prescriptions in Canada ..... common guys that’s like 0.00083% .... I want to ask these team who made this video , are you guys 100% perfect in what you do .? You don’t even make 0.0008% mistake in life. It’s patients’ duty as well to inform pharmacist if they are on any medication or not. People like to wait 20 min in Tim Hortons drive through line up but they don’t want to wait 15 min for prescription. So why don’t we respect what pharmacists are doing and cooperate them.
Bingo Hall (8 месяцев назад)
Why would anyone trust WW given their treatment of their employees.
Bingo Hall (8 месяцев назад)
I don't beleive the excuse the pharmacist gave.
john lyons (9 месяцев назад)
Great. I can get high lol
john lyons (9 месяцев назад)
Mine gave me 31 extra 10mg oxycodone pills.
Elite Knight Productions (11 месяцев назад)
By law in AUS you have to warn them if you do not you could be fired. I my self had a opioid dependency not because I had no warnings oxycodone/endone was addictive they made sure I sold them I was on other anti-depressants. Since the system warns them what I was on but since I am a weekly visit to the Pharmacy for my methadone dosses. But I also understand time and money so yea its both the workers and pharmacists are tired and have a target to hit.
bhstone1 (11 месяцев назад)
The pharmacy association needs a new spokesperson.
Ambrielle-Lyn McQuaker (1 год назад)
You can check drug interactions yourself online www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.html. I believe that patients in Ontario should have access to the online electronic health record that doctors are already using, so they can catch mistakes and have them fixed. There should also be a provincial pharmacist's database, that all pharmacies can access that gives information about patients, their medications and the doctor who prescribed them. That way if a patient has to get medication at a different pharmacy than their usual one, the pharmacy can see what medications they're on.
Ambrielle-Lyn McQuaker (1 год назад)
I love my Zehr's pharmacy in Stratford, ON. As someone who takes 6 prescribed medications my pharmacy knows what prescription, OTC and shelved medications are safe. They also take the time I need to understand the medications. Pharmacies are also supposed to give an information pamphlet. The only problem I've had is that one of my medications is considered a Narcotic since it's for ADHD, the pharmacy is supposed to ask for ID and a signature, but don't.
Divine Medical Center (1 год назад)
So what if one patient uses more than one pharmacy and there is no time to go into investigation mode, just to get things rectified, while 10 other patients are still in line? Or what happens when the doctor who is to be contacted about a prescription is "too busy" to answer you??
Gabriel Badwolf (1 год назад)
It takes more than 8mg of codine for the average person to get addicted to it.
MrTweetyhack (1 год назад)
The entire pharmacy industry can be automated easily.
Eduardo Lozano (1 год назад)
The "pharmacist" doesn't exist in my country, theres just a person giving you the medication. The difference is that the person doesn't have to take pill by pill and put it in a bottle. You give them the prescription, the person looks for it and gives it to you. YOUR doctor is the one supposed to warn you about secondary effects and check for interactions, and here morfine derivatives and antibiotics are not sold without a prescription.
MissFoxification (1 год назад)
Not to excuse the dr or pharmacist.. but seriously people.. you have the internet, use it. Search for "interaction drug1 drug2". I have been given the wrong medication before, the pharmacist confused the amount of pills on the script with the dosage. I caught the error because I always check. The pharmacist even altered my script repeats to the incorrect dosage. You should always check too. People screw up, we all know it. Know what you are taking, know how it should make you feel, know the warning signs and side effects. The risk factor is simply too high to not double check. The medication should come with a leaflet that also has a description of the pill on it, which indicates that it is the correct dosage and medication. You can also find these leaflets online.
ejis yopicus (1 год назад)
This is bogus. The it the doctor's and the patient job to make sure their medications don't have a dangerous interaction. Sure a pharmacist should inform the patient, but that's the most you can ask of them. Most of these big chain companies say on the paper they give you with the medication, which other medication they interact with. And because of this, the people working in the pharmacy don't even need to tell the patient anything, the patient just needs to read the information they are given.
Jake Hartman (1 год назад)
quotas are almost as dangerous as printed currency
Andre Aladdin (1 год назад)
The lies from the pharmacy directors are pulled out of thin air. They are glib bullshitters pleading ignorance.
will haynes (1 год назад)
Not a pharmacy error not to tell you about YOUR medication. That is YOUR responsibility to check up on that. Always trying to blame others for our laziness
hominyboy (1 год назад)
Yes, the patient must take their own care in hand. However, there are lots of people who simply do not have the medical literacy, or even the basic ability to understand how to find the information about drug interactions. Or they may not read well, or comprehend well. And this should not put them at increased risk of medical mistakes. In fact, there are automated drug interaction calculators available now. The pharmacy has a totally integrated IT system designed to print specific coupons on your receipt based on your purchasing history, and to email you promotional offers frequently. Yet they cannot integrate an interaction calculator onto their system? I don't think so. They just don't want to spend the extra five minutes to talk to the patient. I have personally had experience where I was really, honestly, trying to get advice from the pharmacist about my drug situation and her manager came right over and cut us off, telling the pharmacist to get back to work. I was really put off, and switched pharmacies. Now, I use a mail order pharmacy, and I get ZERO counseling from them, but I no longer pretend that information or counseling is available at the pharmacy, no matter which pharmacy it may be.
Rick's World (1 год назад)
Been reading the comments and it seems that people are commenting that doctors could be the blame as they prescribe medication that could cause problems with other medication.... Correct me if im wrong but doctors are trained to diagnose medical problems and prescribe medication to fix it, doctors are medical experts, pharmacists are medication experts and should be more aware. It's almost like flying a plane, a pilot is an expert at flying a plane but may not know a thing about repairing the plane or things like engine maintenance. This is a bit of a bad example because small aircraft or private aircraft pilots do know how to repair their own planes but I am talking about commercial airline pilots who's only flight experience is in large commercial aircraft and they do know how to fly small planes but they may not own a small plane.
pluckernil (1 год назад)
I love how they are counting pills with an emery board. 🙄
labitx (1 год назад)
It's interesting that the only industry that CBC marketplace have not investigated is the media industry.
California Cobra (1 год назад)
My dad went into anaphylactic shock when he was sent to a rehabilitation clinic after his knee replacement surgery because they gave him a different muscle relaxant than what he'd been taking for years. They gave him Zanaflex instead of his regular Soma (Carisoprodol) so when his tongue started swelling and he couldn't swallow, they sent him to a different major hospital to deal with the anaphylactic shock. He was in the hospital for several days. Unfortunately, that's how he learned he was allergic to this medication, which is kinda strange because he had gotten samples of Zanaflex from his pain management doctor, but I guess he never tried them. I try not to take too many meds because it just doesn't feel right to be taking a bunch of different pills.
john lyons (1 год назад)
Please. It's 8 mg of codeine OTC. Reporters have nothing better to do.
badgernikes (1 год назад)
I don't understand the doctor writes the prescription the pharmacist fill it the pharmacist should not be held accountable for any wrong prescription that is written on a prescription from a medical doctor. The blame should be on the doctor. Unless the pharmacist misinterpreted the prescription
Amy Wynn (1 год назад)
When I get sick or something I bring all the medicine I was taking at that time so the doctors know what I'm taking.
Debra Briggs (1 год назад)
walgreens pharmacy in elizabeth new jersey has made the same mistakes
J P (1 год назад)
Reading some of the comments, I am not sure I agree that the physician is responsible for drug interaction issues. Consider their education with pharmaceuticals: a few classes and residency education. Pharmacists' education is predominantly pharmacology. On an opinionated tone, if pharmacists don't want to be responsible for the patient's medicinal plan, why does the job even exist? By job, I refer to the people who just fill drug orders; not the people who develop and research new drugs. Those people are awesome! I'm sure my opinions will change after medical school. xD
TheGothickitty33 (1 год назад)
Always ask questions and check your name on your pill bottle. I have a very common first and last name. I was once given the meds for another woman with the same first name and a similar last name. I was also once given a medication that it clearly states in my records I am allergic to. That's two in the last four months.
The Leguminator (1 год назад)
I love how CBC puts the fire under these big wigs and they start to stammer and stutter.
Lan Grace (1 год назад)
some private insurance companies also bring drug interactions to the pharmacists attention by showing them a message when billing and having them a input a code to override it
bhavsar meet (1 год назад)
but for narcotic probucts pharmacist should have to give counselling
Sussex UFO'S (1 год назад)
If your Pharmacy is understaffed (Which most are) you will get mistakes. It's the Corporate bosses who should be ensuring there are enough staff for very very busy Pharmacies
Julie D (1 год назад)
lol the pharmacy association representative was literally shitting her pants trying to come up with an explanation for the mistakes.
Jack n' Chill (1 год назад)
Julie D i hope u choke on a bottle of laxative.
Cheshire- Smile (1 год назад)
(WV, US) Our pharmacist take things above & beyond. My son was put on Adderall 2mg... before the pharmacist would fill it he requested to see an EKG test results. He quite possibly saved my son's life.
Vicky Henry (1 год назад)
NUMBER ONE- if patients are not consistent at taking medicine to the same pharmacy how the heck can we check for interactions? Yes that's the prescribers job, a soul prescriber, he has a note of the medicine the patient takes !!! Some people on multiple drugs and have 10-20 red flag warning when putting through prescription, so yes of course the pharmacy is the final place, but SURELY the prescriber is the one who has to be aware of interactions before issuing medicine with already known side effects to a pt with heart problem to begin with! we pick up GP errors a lot, and I feel it's harsh to blame pharmacy completely, some GPs could become complacent if the pharmacy is where the buck stops! A
Cody Sewell (1 год назад)
you cant expect pharmacists to know how every single drug reacts with every other drug, unless when you say your on something you want them to go back and look it up and check
Cody Sewell (1 год назад)
its no the pharmacists job to check if your on conflicting medication its your doctors or yours
cynthia Erickson (1 год назад)
yes,stuff could happen if you take prescriptions,docs.are overworked,so are pharmacies,so i do the homework and research any new drug i am taking for side effects or interaction.i do the same for my mom and a few other elderly friends,sorry,but we need to shoulder responsibility too
inuyashaswife4ever (1 год назад)
What people don't realize is that some customers are not regulars or do not have their records on file! If you have a drug/drug interaction make sure you tell a pharmacist what you are taking and how often! Please use common sense! I've worked for a loblaws drug store, and there has to be a fine line between customers and pharmacies doing their due diligence if we do not have your info on file or if we are super busy!
elias cabral (1 год назад)
starting at 14:33 the CPA rep goes into damage control, completely evading the questions at hand, and even pauses to recall the rest of the damage control speech. Pathetic.
Yihong Liu (1 год назад)
it makes me angry! how dare!
Emily Mohrmann (1 год назад)
I work in a facility the pharmacy sent us the wrong medication. It was only because the nurse had never seen the medication look a certain way that it was found. It's dangerous.
LanceDaPsycho (1 год назад)
Working in a retail drugstore, when I began working in the pharmacy as backup, I learned that on very busy days, instead of reviewing the prescriptions on a computer before they can be sold, the pharmacist will click review and accept without even looking at it. Sometimes experienced technicians will even do the reviewing process and accept even though only the pharmacist is legally allowed to do that.
siobhan mcintyre (1 год назад)
I always research drug interactions myself before I take a prescription. Yes, I agree that the prescribing physician and pharmacist should see potential dangers but the individual should also look into the interaction.
95thRiflesOCI (1 год назад)
CPA isn't a real regulatory authority. You pay for a membership and join an organization that just goes straight into your e-portfolio for CE. OCP is a complete joke and just a political mess. We need bodies like NAPRA to step up and put these professionals in their place because right now we are going down hill faster then the US economy.
Natanate Mahavanich (1 год назад)
I really think that people taking or about to take any drugs should consider googling it for possible side effects and interactions. This as well should be the 'norm'. We have to work on both ends.
Betty Dunn (1 год назад)
My small pharmacy is super careful. That's why I cross town to go there. I've never had any pharmacy problems in Canada  although I'm met a few moronic doctors.
Assume Correct (1 год назад)
What I don't get, is all of these are in computers now. It's a good coder's childplay to create a simple drug interactions computer alert system. Why not?
Jane-Ann Armstrong (1 год назад)
I guess it would help to go to the same drug store and get to know your pharmacist and other staff ... I know it helps
msnoahxlukefan (1 год назад)
I'm just glad that my country has free perscriptions, and free health care.
Michelle Rekuc (1 год назад)
This is why you should just go to a Mom & Pop Pharmacy
znbdyf dyf (1 год назад)
soon pharmacists will be replaced by robots and machines which are better in everything.
Ali Emad (1 год назад)
Every time she keeps saying "I cant comment" then what the hell are you here for
Ali Emad (1 год назад)
This is a disaster. In my opinion there should be a national pharmacy card like the health card. All medications you take are on it and each time you take a medication the pharmacist that gave you it will have his/er name recorded to be responsible
cramenator87 (1 год назад)
"Everything within our power" Yet clearly that's failing miserably. "There are mechanisms in place" PFFT! please... that's a pile of horse sh1t if I ever heard it. Maybe it's time to change those mechanisms when over 50% of the pharmacies are failing the test. But then again, change costs money, and that means the drug industry makes less... so as far as they're concerned, a few people's lives are nothing more than acceptable damages, when they measure financial gain vs potential lawsuits, paying a few people off who suffer is still chump change for the drug industry.
Mr. Nemesis (1 год назад)
I got a idea, construction scams Please DM me if you find this interesting (Please leave your Twitter username if you find this interesting)
Kyle Phouangmalay (1 год назад)
Canada pharmacists gotta step it up. I don't sell any Rx without asking if there are any questions about the Rx. Secondly any time drugs have interactions we run them through our interaction system. It's not our jobs though to offer counseling for OTC unless we are asked. The only things we keep behind the counter is sudafed. You need an rx for other stuff
Stackz (1 год назад)
This is why I always always read the information that comes in the medication box
『Blank』 (1 год назад)
They think they're so cool not commenting
Chris Gregory (1 год назад)
It's always wise to check the interactions online of the regular medications you are taking. Very easy with helpful website tools. If any alerts come up, you can ask the pharmacist about the relevance of an interaction.
Chris Gregory (1 год назад)
The blonde lady in purple comes off as very unintelligent and ill-informed.
Chris Gregory (1 год назад)
So she received a weaker dose of her anti-anxiety medication so she experienced withdrawal symptoms. A year later and she still has symptoms from the mistake? How?
Hoang Vo (1 год назад)
seems like ita the consumers job to know what ur taking... i mean you go to a doctor then go to a pharmacy..... the doctor recommends specific drugs.
Lily the Conure (1 год назад)
Omg I drink that
233kosta (1 год назад)
That association representative is VERY good at saying nothing in so many words! 3 seconds into her talking I already don't trust her!
Angelica Guerrero (1 год назад)
I love CBC Marketplace.
Wayne Kenney Jr (2 года назад)
I think it's up to the prescribing physician to determine these risks and not the pharmacist..
Jeannette W (1 год назад)
Wayne Kenney Jr Yes and yes and a tiny bit no. If a physician is prescribing without asking for a med list they need to hand their license over. That's the kind of bullshit that makes my job literally thankless. Like we know if 96 year old whoeverthefuck has been given 44 rxs and went to 20 different locations. Just take some kind of responsibility for your own goddamn self.
Yahwehs Blue boy (2 года назад)
yes and no, how many doctors do you have and how many of them give you medicine? If you have more than one doctors/condition, then you see the problem. it's not my doctor's job to see what other doctors are giving me, it's my job to tell them what other drugs I am on but if I don't is it still my doctors fault? the pharmacy is trained and meant to deal with this, because of that very reason, however, most pharmacies just don't have the time to care.
Karen Trust (2 года назад)
henge (2 года назад)
Not Tylenol with codeine!!! oh my god what if the person takes the entire bottle and sleeps too long. Jesus Christ. if this was a person getting oxycodone 30s it would be different. Have this douche reporter work one week as a tech and she will be telling a different story
Blue 30's (1 год назад)
drocms Imagine getting 30's OTC........
Angelica Guerrero (1 год назад)
What if this person has a terrible interaction with another medicine they are taking and winds up in the hospital? How is informing the public a douchey thing to do? Would you rather we remain ignorant, like the spokesperson for the pharmacists? Listen, we understand it's not an easy job, however, it IS their job. Something has to be done so we can prevent as many of these accidents as possible. The reporter isn't saying every pharmacist/tech should be hanged from the highest tree. She's simply reporting facts (true journalism) and suggesting that we do something to change it.
Emily Lauren (2 года назад)
I've had so many pharmacy mistakes, it isn't even funny - having an unusual allergy (which was SUPPOSED to be flagged on my account, but apparently wasn't) makes the computer system that's supposed to stop them from filling a prescription containing an allergen essentially useless. Until I switched to Walgreens last year, I had to return at least one prescription every single time I got anything filled because I have a severe reaction to FD&C Red 40 - some of which I didn't realize until I'd already taken the medication and started to have symptoms. That went on for three years before I finally switched and had Walgreens to put a flag on my account requiring the pharmacist or tech to contact the manufacturer to confirm inactive ingredients.
Andy Oldham (2 года назад)
If Canadian doctors are writing 600,000,000 prescriptions per year, that works out to just over 17 each year for every man, woman, and child of Canada's 35,000,000 residents. That seems like a lot to me. I can remember taking very few prescription drugs growing up and am fortunate enough later in life to be free of any regular prescriptions, but I only go to doctors when it's absolutely necessary.
The Best Completely (1 год назад)
Andy Oldham Yeah but some ppl take like 3 a year and when you get older you take like 40
J Nigel (2 года назад)
I'm swiss french. do they make french language version of marketplace since it is canada?
Dylan Nguyen (2 года назад)
No I don't think so
buddie gascon (2 года назад)
i would really love to see a proper research on paid schools and the poor education they receive for the money.
BeReal (2 года назад)
Manitoba, CANADA has already made these OTC codeine products(eg:T#1) prescription only drugs and put a monitoring system in place. Hopefully this is implemented in every province across Canada. These OTC codeine products should require a prescription and be more tightly regulated. Health Canada and the Pharmacy Colleges needs to take action.
AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair (2 года назад)
The doctor should have checked her chart and been the FIRST line of defense. I have worked in Pharmacies and know it is hard to catch everything. I have been to so many drs myself and they rarely check my chart and I have to remind them over and over what I am allergic to. It is ludicrious!
Lindsey Luna (2 года назад)
That's nuts. I hope you have changed those rules. Every pharmacist will check to make sure you know complications, how to take your meds, and will answer any of your questions every time you pick up your pills here in the states.
Dave Seavy (2 года назад)
The woman from the pharmacy association is like many execs - don't answer the question, just dazzle with BS
Rajjj Kupura (2 года назад)
She is not making ANY sense in 80% of her "explanations"
H Leung (2 года назад)
This lady from CPA did a very poor job. She just avoided all the questions and talked non-sense. Very bad PR and very damaging to the pharmacy profession. Nothing was said to address the incidents and to regain patient confidence.Totally unacceptable.
Ellie Tolbert (2 года назад)
This boy my grandfather helped start the Walmart pharmacy and I believe they do everything by the rules and that has always been the case for me so this guy is in the wrong not Walmart
Rajjj Kupura (2 года назад)
Please, read Angeloublue32  :)   The system and many of its Big Players are at fault.  I could only wish that it was that simple.   The Doctor and the Pharmacist can be easily used as scapegoats, and, unfortunately, many patients would naively see it as "justice served"My respect to your Grandfather ---- in his days, the pharmacy world was nothing like it is today
SoJayTay (2 года назад)
I've had drug interactions due to the fact that doctors and pharmacists don't warn you about interactions. WHY IS MY DOCTOR PRESCRIBING ME MEDICINE THAT INTERACTS WITH MY OTHER MEDICINES!? this is a problem in the US too
dumbshow3 (1 год назад)
Google everything yourself your responsible for what you take I always google and do my research before I take something with my adhd meds
Jeannette W (1 год назад)
+Allyson Beverly PS the pharmacy system my higher end retail pharmacy uses is so old it's nearly DOS based. So nice try there as well.
Jeannette W (1 год назад)
+Allyson Beverly Lol, the FACTS are as follows: Patients go wherever they want. Canada anyway doesn't have a nation wide system for us to look up patient's maint. meds. So 30+ times a day I see a frail, naturally forgetful senior who just can't make it to their pharmacy to pick up their 5 days of water pills for edema. We ask about allergies and drug lists but we have to take it on faith that DOCTORS who have the patient's chart (always and forever more faithful to a doctor than pharmacy) with all meds and conditions. Have prescribed the best option. Oh but hey, that's MY job? Check again. Doctors have at least 15 mins to ask questions.

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