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1st National Conference on Pharmacy Practice “Responsible Use of Medicines” at SGT University

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On Saturday April 22nd 2017, SGT College of Pharmacy, SGT University, organized first National Conference on Pharmacy Practice on the theme “Responsible Use of Medicines “for the pharmacy Students.The conference was sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Directorate of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, and partially by Indian Pharmacy Graduates’ Association (IPGA).This was an innovative concept to organize the “1st National Conference on Pharmacy Practice” which will bring together the professionals from Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy , Clinical Pharmacy, Industry, Research, Academics, Regulatory and other sectors of Pharmacy profession Prof. Ramesh K. Goyal emphasized on the quality education system with more of practical orientation and internships. Prof Goyal shared about the global presence of Pharmaceutical Industry of India and ample opportunities waiting for budding pharmacists. Dr Vijay Bhalla, Director Professor SGT College of Pharmacy, used the platform to release the handbook on Career opportunities in Pharmacy practice, sponsored by IPGA welfare Trust by the dignitaries on the Dais. Mr. Atul Nasa, in his Keynote address stressed upon the theme of the conference highlighting some of the burning issues like Drug abuse by students, Life style disorder like Hypertension, Diabetes & Obesity. In the first Scientific Session, Prof. Pramil Tiwari highlighted the role of Pharmacist in the Community perspective on the usage of Medicines with utmost care and cautions to enhance patient safety. Mr. Pawan K Jaggi, in his lecture deliberated on Prevention of Microbial Resistance to Antibiotics. He informed about regulatory aspects and WHO concern on the issues. Dr. Rishi Kumar, informed the august gathering about the various Pharmacovigilance aspects and reporting methods for the benefits of the participants. He showed a very emotional video clip on Thalidomide tragedy. The main attraction of the event was participation of 365 delegates from following 20 different Pharmacy Institutions from all over the country and 55 poster presentation. In the last the winners of the poster presentation competition were announced and felicitated by the jury. The winner of the poster presentation competition was Ms Nazia Siddhiqui, student of Masters from NIPER, Mohali.
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