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Online pharmacy 'PillPack' taking on CVS

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PillPack CEO T.J. Parker explains how his online pharmacy delivery service is competing with CVS. Watch Liz Claman talk about Health Care, Hospitality, Innovation, and Starting Business on Closing Bell.
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rebecae connie (2 месяца назад)
Ali Mohammond (10 месяцев назад)
this guy look like an xcon, what the fuck ,i be worry about taking pills, especially what Obama said about he worry about terriost working in our pharmacy after they can't do the steAm cooker bomb, like the Boston bombing, i afraid to take pill anymore , they could be full of lead!
Don Huan (1 год назад)
now you can buy online medicines from our Pharmacy app for android - https://rxasap.biz
Sulfen (2 года назад)
Good idea but not fit for everyone. My prescription copays would go up by 300% for the year because they don't do 3 month supplies. They also don't carry a lot of medications. Plus, their customer service sucks and they tried to get me to call my insurance to get information I had no clue about because every pharmacy in my lifetime has done that for me.
Blue Jedi (6 месяцев назад)
I'm assuming they will bill your insurance for 30/60/90 day supplies, then dole out the pills in 2 week increments.
GinsuChikara (1 год назад)
PillPack sends 2-week supplies....
Frank Wichern (3 года назад)
As a long time Wisconsin Pharmacist, I forsee too many issues with the pill pack idea.
Elizabeth Davis (2 года назад)
like losing customers...ahem, patients?
Josephine Oaks-Courtney (2 года назад)
aubrey (2 года назад)
+Frank Wichern such as...?

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