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Pharmacy Practice | Drug Dispensing System
This video presentation does not necessarily reflect the real practice of pharmacy in our industry. This is for demonstration purposes only.
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Medicines Ethics and Practice - Pharmacy Law UK
GPhC Exam Question Blog http://gphcexam.pharmacycpa.com/ Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/13009... Free online GPhC Exam Questions http://pharmacycpa.com/login/index.php
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Medicine Use Reviews at Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy
Our Pharmacist Sergio takes us through the Medicine Use Review. Free consultations are available in all our pharmacies. Find our more about our pharmacy services here: http://bit.ly/coopask
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Pharmacy/drug animation (Commercial Work)
A short animation I did for 'The Operators'. Company and product logos and information has been removed from the animation for the client's privacy and legal restrictions. Design by Daniel Marks. Sean Sears 2014
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apollo pharmacy
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Drug Calculations - basic examples  105
Introductory examples of calculating medical dosages. This video is provided by the Learning Assistance Center of Howard Community College. For more math videos and exercises, go to HCCMathHelp.com.
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Applications of Biotechnology (Medicine)
This PowToon will show a short background of biotechnology and some applications of it in the field of Medicine. Group No. 6 ( III - St. Peter) Christian Joseph Dia Anna Katryna Bato Marina Bianca Garcia Carolyn Olivarez-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Who's the Medication Expert in the White Coat?
Pharmacists are the members of your health care team who are experts in medicines and can help you manage diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
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Nutrition Medicine in Pharmacy Intro
Pharmacists need to be experts in Nutrition Medicine. It is essential to be able to leverage the powerful tools they have on their shelves that can optimise their health and the benefits from their prescription medicines.
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Hypertension - Antihypertensive Medications
A review of the classes, mechanisms, indications, and contraindications for antihypertensive meds, along with specific recommendations when starting therapy.
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Top 200 Drugs Flash Cards
Top 200 Drugs Flash Cards, presented by F. Zaria Chinelo, Pharm.D. for the PharmPsych Medical & Educational Communications Network. Get this and more study resources https://pharmpsych.com/courses/ *** The PharmPsych Network is a #Communications #Firm that provides quality #content and unique resources for #professionals and #businesses. Learn more: http://pharmpsych.net AND https://pharmpsych.com
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Free medicines dispensing from the pharmacy
Medicines are distributed freely for patients who participated in the Ayurveda-Yoga camp conducted by Bhishma Ayurveda Hospital
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Ward dispensing, hospital, mail-order and community pharmacy - with CONSIS robotic systems
Batch and individual robotic dispensing. Suitable for hospital, mail-order and community pharmacies. Consis robots store medicine packages at a high storage density and dispense them fully automatically. Their main benefits are the very fast stocking and dispensing speed and their modular construction. Depending on configuration, within one hour more than 2,000 packages can be stocked and more than 1,000 packages dispensed independently at the same time. Packages are dispensed either on demand or by batch dispensing. The orders are collected in the CONSIS NAVIGATOR software and then dispensed one after the other. Before dispensing, the optional CONSIS LABELMASTER labels the packages individually for each patient. This saves time and increases safety. With Consis robots, community pharmacies can process their repeat prescriptions in the dispensary while at the same time other packages are dispensed to the sales counters. In hospitals, inpatient and outpatient pharmacies can be served simultaneously with one Consis system. For hospital wards, medicines are dispensed individually per patient or as a batch order. Consis robotic solutions also take care of rapid and fully automatic order processing for mail-order pharmacies with fast-moving stock.
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Paying for Medicines: Tiering, Formularies, and Medicare Part D
In the second of two videos on paying for medications, the concepts of tiered drug pricing, preferred drug lists, and Medicare Part D are explained to shed some light on the issue.
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Emergency Medicines.1 [ANS Drugs]
Emergency Medicines Adrenergic Receptors Alpha and Beta Receptors Adrenaline Nor Adrenaline Dopamine Dobutamine Vasopressin Physiological Effects Dale's Phenomenon
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Pregnancy & OTC Drugs
Short Informative video about a pregnant lady having cold symptoms who went to a pharmacy to take some OTC drugs
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Pharmacy Medicals Medicine Cabinet MED-100
Pharmacy Medicals Medicine Cabinet; MED-100. - Size (H x W x D) – 370mm x 275mm x 245mm - Shelves (Qty.) – One fully adjustable internal shelf. - Net Weight (Kg) – 15Kg Approx. - Cabinet Fixings – Wall fixing. Cabinet should be fitted by a competent person. - Cabinet Capacity – 11 litres Approx. - Cabinet Standard - BS2881:1989 level one, the requirement for storage of drugs in health care premises. PLEASE NOTE: This cabinet does not conform to the "Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1975" and is not suitable for the storage of controlled drugs. Please see our controlled drugs cabinets for controlled drugs storage. More information on-line at www.drugs-cabinets.co.uk
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What doctors need to know when pharmacists substitute biological medicines
Lawmakers in many states are currently considering legislation that would allow pharmacists to substitute biological medications—those made by living tissues or cells—with other medications deemed "therapeutically interchangeable." A major policy issue with this legislation is whether or not physicians should be notified when such a substitution is made. Neurologist David Charles, M.D. discusses this issue. Learn more at www.biologicsdoc.org. Follow us on Twitter at @biologicsdoc
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This short AV was made by the Delhi Pharmaceutical Trust to educate consumers and patients to understand the importance of proper storage of medicines they buy and use. It is of course an amateurish movie effort by a professional pharmacist . The information is being attempted to be told in interesting way.
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New Medicine Service at Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy
Our Pharmacist Sergio takes us through the New Medicine Service. Free consultations are available in all our pharmacies. Find our more about our pharmacy services here: http://bit.ly/coopask
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Andy buys 30 Dollars of Medicine in African Pharmacy
6 different PACKAGES OF medicines, how much in the USA? Paid 15,400 CFA in Lome, Togo Pharmacy. "Join HoboTraveler. A Social Network Connecting Travelers" Discover new places, organize meetups, find travel partners and live abroad with the Hobo Travel Community Members save 1000's of dollars by joining https://www.hobotraveler.com/ and posting specific travel questions to people who are there now, or who have been there. Andy Lee Graham needs your financial support, it costs money to make these videos. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham Donate - Patreons, - Consulting https://www.hobotraveler.com/donate/ Buy cool Hobo products on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/pc85f97 Support, Andy become a "Patreon." https://www.patreon.com/hobotraveler Be on the "Ask Andy Show," Send a selfie video question to: hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com "The Hobo Way," we have escaped from the resort; Join Hobo Traveler to live anywhere https://www.hobotraveler.com Buy Andy's Book, "The Rules of Travel" on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y8xjc5l6
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Chamber of Pharmacy withdraws supply of medicines
Chamber of Pharmacy withdraws supply of medicines.
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Personalized medicine: Genomics helps BC pharmacists target the right drugs for the right patient
An exciting new research project that aims to make personalized medicine a reality for patients is launching in a number of community pharmacies across British Columbia. Learn more (http://pharmacyu.ca/?p=3564)
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Making Sense of Diabetic Medications
(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Over 25 million Americans have diabetes. Lisa Kroon, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at UCSF, covers the medicines used to treat Type 2 diabetes, dual therapies and insulin. Recorded on 07/17/2014. Series: "UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public" [11/2014] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 28509]
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An incredibly brief history of medicine
How did Western medicine developed to today's dualistic approach that treats the illness or disease but fails to recognise the whole person?
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Pharmacy Billing Software Medical Retail Shop Billing : Add/Update New Products[hindi audio]
Pharmacy Billing and stock keeping software with complete accounting software. For more details visit http://www.winsoftsolutions.co.in/software/software-for-pharmacy-software-medical-shop-billing Pharmacy billing software in india kerala delhi
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Medicines reconciliation
A video intended to introduce final year pharmacy students at Keele University to medicines reconciliation. Slides kindly adapted from original work by the National Prescribing Centre.
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Medication Safety Barcode System in Hospital
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Community Pharmacy Future Four-or-more medicines introduction
Community Pharmacy Future Four-or-more medicines introduction
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Schedule H1 Drugs Register Configuration - Retail Pharmacy Software
http://www.gofrugal.com/healthcare/retail-pharmacy-pos.html Configuring Schedule H1 Drugs Register: Schedule H12 drugs register option has been added in GoFrugal RPOS7 Pharmacy POS software. It allows pharmacists to maintain a separate register for schedule h1 drugs(includes third and fourth generation antibiotics, anti TB medicines and few other drugs) The schedule register includes Sl.No, Bill No, Doctor Name & Address, Patient Name & Address, Medicine Name, Quantity sold for the schedule H1 items.
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Know Your Meds - Know Your Pharmacist
Chances are, your pharmacist knows you better than you think. If you refill at the same location, they may be primely positioned to spot a problem. "Thirty percent of medications are really not refilled by the patient after that first fill. And so there's a lot of therapy that maybe the primary care provider or specialist might think a patient is on but they really are not on an ongoing basis," says John Armistead, who is the Director of Pharmacy for Lee Memorial Health System. Non-compliance is a huge problem. Mostly resulting from dangerous medication mix-ups or skipped meds. Studies find up to 70% of patients never ask their pharmacist questions or express concerns. "Sometimes the patient is experiencing some side effects and then they decide they're not going to take that one anymore. They often do not report back to the physician that they don't feel well while they take that medication," says Armistead. Instead, patients should feel comfortable speaking up. A pharmacist does much more than count pills and measure medicines. They are trained in the ways drugs affect the body and interact with each other. "Medication therapy is really a key to self-care in home environment. So it's absolutely essential that a patient understand why they are taking a medication, what side effects might they experience if they're taking that medication, and who to contact if they do have problems," says Armistead. Prescription drugs are a complicated business, so when you have doubt, check it out - with a professional. View More Health Matters video segments at leememorial.org/healthmatters/ Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we've been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Visit leememorial.org
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Pharmacy Transformation
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Hotze Pharmacy specializes in bioidentical hormones and natural compounding medicines
Kim Haddock, Pharmacist-in-Charge at Hotze Pharmacy answers a common question about bioidentical hormones.
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Medications in Kids
(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv) Medication problems are greater in children and their doses must be carefully administered. Sarah Scarpace Lucas, UCSF Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist, describes drug disposition and dosing for pregnant and lactating women, infants, children and adolescents. She covers how to administer medication to children and certain preservatives/additives to avoid. She describes medication related problems in kids such as adverse drug reactions. She ends with recommendations to reduce risk and keep your child safe. Recorded on 07/24/2014. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [11/2014] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 28508]
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Over the Counter Medicines - What You Need To Know
See much more honest health information at: http://www.rehealthify.com/ Rehealthify offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free. -- video script below -- Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are drugs you can buy without a prescription. Some OTC medicines relieve aches, pains and itches. Some prevent or cure diseases, like tooth decay and athlete's foot. Others help manage recurring problems, like migraines. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration decides whether a medicine is safe enough to sell over-the-counter. Taking OTC medicines still has risks. Some interact with other medicines, supplements, foods or drinks. Others cause problems for people with certain medical conditions. If you're pregnant, talk to your health care provider before taking any medicines. It is important to take medicines correctly, and be careful when giving them to children. More medicine does not necessarily mean better. You should never take OTC medicines longer or in higher doses than the label recommends. If your symptoms don't go away, it's a clear signal that it's time to see your healthcare provider. Food and Drug Administration
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Pharmacists issue warning to parents on health risks when giving medicines to children 16-6-14
IPU Treasurer Bernard Duggan was interviewed on Newstalk's Lunchtime show, advising parents on health risks when giving medicines to children. Pharmacists are medicines experts and can advise on how to give medicines to children.
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'Amma' pharmacies to sell subsidised medicines
After Amma canteens, water and salt, plans are afoot to create infrastructure for Amma pharmacies across the state to provide cheap medicine for the poor. The AIADMK government will soon unveil 100 Amma Marunthagam (medical shops) across Tamil Nadu, a proposal that promises to win more goodwill for chief minister J Jayalalithaa. Reiterating her commitment towards creating a welfare state, these Amma pharmacies will sell medicines at a subsidised rate. A senior official said the co-operative department has been working hard for the launch of the Amma medical shops across the state in 100 places. The shops are ready and staff is being recruited. "Finance minister O Panneerselvam announced the proposal in the state budget in February. We have almost completed the process of setting up the shops," a senior official in the co-operative department said. For More information on this news visit : http://www.newsx.com/ Connect with us on Social platform at : http://www.facebook.com/newsxonline Subscribe to our YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/newsxlive
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Swisslog PillPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System
PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing system helps hospitals eliminate the opportunity for medication errors by decreasing human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing and dispensing unit dose medications. Watch this video to see how PillPick streamlines hospital pharmacy operations and increases accuracy.
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Hotze Pharmacy specializes in bioidentical hormones and natural compounding medicines
Hotze Pharmacy is PCAB accredited in Katy Texas and specializes in bioidentical hormones, hypothyroid treatment and more.
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Pharmacy Industry
During the past decade Iran has made significant progress in the field of medicine.Today Iran has made huge advancements in producing high tech medicines such as bio-pharmaceuticals and nano-medicine. Today Iran produces most of its medicine inside the country and this significant progress owes itself to the effort of hard working Iranian scientists mostly pharmacists. Every year Iranian pharmacists gather from different parts of the country to take part in a celebration titled national pharmacist day. the day marks the birthday of renowned Iranian chemist and alchemist Mohammd ibn Zakaria Razi known in the west as Rhases....
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Medicines bar coding
What's in a bar code? When it comes to medicines, patient safety and hospitals, this is a question about saving lives. The EAHP is campaigning with others to achieve systematic introduction of bar coding at the point of medicines manufacture and packaging.
IN LIES WE TRUST - The Secret Pharmaceutical Drug Conspiracy
UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please Vote Thumbs-Up) Many people are saying that the government is not telling the truth about its involvement in Bioterrorism. This documentary exposes a medical madness which is cloaked in Bio-terrorism preparedness and the agents and agencies behind which comprise Hollywood films and the media which is responsible for creating a profitable culture of Bio-terrorism, a "War on Terrorism" used to control populations as well as the most lucrative war in history - the War on disease such as the "War on Cancer," the "War on AIDS" triggered by contaminated vaccines; sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flues; anthrax, and health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a "War of Terror" that may be responsible for killing millions of unwitting Americans. For more information visit us online: http://www.UFOTV.com Distributed by UFOTV®, a UFO Video, Inc. Company.
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'Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians'
"In 2005, the FDA granted approval for a promising new cancer-fighting drug called Nexavar. Bayer took it to market shortly thereafter, and it is currently an approved treatment for late-stage kidney and liver cancer. That is, so long as you live in the developed world. In a recently published interview in Bloomberg Businessweek, Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers said that his company's drug isn't for poor people. "We did not develop this medicine for Indians...we developed it for western patients who can afford it," he said back in December. The quote is quickly making its way across Indian news outlets. The comment was in response to a decision by an Indian patent court that granted a compulsory license to a local company to reproduce Bayer's drug."* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down. *Read more here from Adam Peck / Think Progress: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/01/26/3205861/pharmaceutical-ceo-cancer-drug-westerners-afford/ Google Doesn't Want You To Google This http://bit.ly/1hMS1ht Legendary Musician Pete Seeger Dead At 94 http://bit.ly/1b7vXcZ If You Thought Republicans Were Sexist Hypocrites Before, Wait Till You See This http://bit.ly/1iaul7t Sexist Email Lands Brigadier General In Trouble http://bit.ly/1e7fcod ********** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary) The Young Turks (Winner - Best Political Podcast & Best Political News Site of 2009) were the first original talk show on Sirius satellite radio and the first live, daily webcast on the internet. But that is not the revolution. We are a rare show that combines all of the news that people care about in one place. We are not afraid to talk about politics and entertainment and sports and pop culture. But that is not the revolution either. The real revolution is in daring to be honest with people. We don't patronize our viewers or lie to them. We have real conversations and deliver the news honestly. Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/member-options/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Join The Young Turks Network mailing list http://www.tytnetwork.com/member-options/register-subscriber/ or Support The Young Turks by Subscribing http://www.youtube.com/user/theyoungturks Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheYoungTurks Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheYoungTurks Support TYT for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theyoungturks-20 Buy TYT Merch: http://theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com/
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Community Pharmacy Future demonstrating pharmacy's value to patients and the NHS
The Community Pharmacy Future (CPF) project has entered a new phase with the two new medicines support services being evaluated to demonstrate how community pharmacies have benefited patients with long-term conditions. The services are supporting patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and older patients on multiple medicines.
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HIV/AIDs Drugs Made Insanely Easy by KISSPharm
The absolute best way to learn pharmacology! Want to learn HIV/AIDS drugs the easy way? Check out this free sample clip from KISSPharm. More lectures available at KISSPharm.com
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Foreignpharmacies - Indian Internet Pharmacy
Foreignpharmacies.com, an online pharmacy with wide range of medicines. All medicines offered by us are manufactured in India by major licensed pharmaceutical companies and are of FDA standard. For more information visit our website http://foreignpharmacies.com/.
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