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Kirby Lester KL60 and KL100 pharmacy robotic dispensing
Kirby Lester brings your community pharmacy or hospital outpatient pharmacy a very different kind of automation. The KL60 and KL100 easily fit into your existing floor plan and fully manage a majority of your prescriptions. With the Kirby Lester pharmacy robot automating your top 60 or 100 medications, your staff is freed up to focus on adherence, MTM, and profit-driving initiatives.
Managing a pharmacy is difficult.  Kirby Lester is here to help.
Find your "Kirby" at http://www.kirbylester.com/ If you haven't looked at Kirby Lester lately, you're going to be impressed. Only Kirby Lester offers the right level of pharmacy automation for any business. Take a look, and find the perfect "Kirby" for your pharmacy.
Kirby Lester KL1 — Our smallest, fastest pharmacy tablet counter
The world’s most trusted pharmacy tablet counter, Kirby Lester’s KL1. Its compact size fits into even the most crowded workspace. The KL1 pill counter accommodates almost any tablet or capsule. It’s quick, always accurate, and never requires calibration. Eliminate inefficient manual counting with the KL1 tablet counter, part of Kirby Lester’s complete line of retail pharmacy automation.
Kirby Lester KL1Plus — Verify plus count with 1 device
Definitely not your ordinary pill counter! The Kirby Lester KL1Plus is like 4 tools in one for retail/outpatient pharmacies. With it, pharmacy technicians verify 100% of medications to be filled; count perfectly; keep a record of every prescription filled; and even simplify inventory management and narcotics double-counting. It’s the one pharmacy automation tool to fill every prescription perfectly … right product, strength and quantity.
5 Ways To Manage Narcotic Prescription Filling
There’s too much at stake to mis-fill a narcotics prescription. The updated KL1Plus protects the pharmacy during every Rx fill: 1) Verify the script with the stock bottle. 2) Count exactly. 3) Recount it. 4) Back-count the stock bottle. 5) Keep a record of the Rx and the stock bottle, up to 10 years. Leave nothing to chance with the Kirby Lester KL1Plus.
19 prescriptions in 10 minutes; Pharmacy owner performs under pressure ...
New York pharmacy owner Jeff Papo performs under pressure when his staff calls in sick. He relies on pharmacy automation from Kirby Lester: he verifies and counts every script with the KL30 dispensing device and KL60 robot. At the start of a busy Monday morning, he fills 19 scripts in under 10 minutes by himself.
Kirby Lester KL15e Daily Cleaning Instructions
For Kirby Lester KL15e users, please follow these daily cleaning instructions for long-term successful operation.
Kirby Lester KL1 VS. the Tray. Counting pills speed test.
We had some fun with this video. We stopped by Petraneks Pharmacy to visit our friend Beau Diab, and we decided to have a little race. The KL1 Vs. the old tray and spatula.
Kirby Lester Trade Show Preview
In case we didn’t see you at your wholesaler’s summer trade show, here’s a quick recap of the buzz that was going on at the Kirby Lester exhibit where we were demo’ing our updated technology for always-accurate Rx filling technology.
Video: Kirby Lester pharmacy robot in action
See more on the KL60 from Kirby Lester: http://www.kirbylester.com/pharmacy-products-KL60.htm
Kirby Lester KL1Plus Customers
Because dispensing errors can and do happen in retail pharmacies, careful owners like Jon Marcaccini (Jon’s Drug, Eveleth, MN) and Steve Jackson (Jackson-Pace Pharmacy, Pensacola, FL) use the KL1Plus to ensure exact counts, control C-II inventories and avoid errors.
Counting Technique for a Kirby Lester Device
This is a quick video on how to count tablets and capsules with ease using any Kirby Lester device (KL1, KL1Plus, KL15e, KL20, KL30).
Customer Review: Kirby Lester KL1, A community pharmacy’s experience
Can a simple device like the KL1 pill counter make a difference? Yes, every single day, says Chris Thrush, owner of Ottawa (IL) Health Mart Pharmacy. "Prior to getting our KL1, we were counting everything by hand. The difference was night and day. I don’t personally see why anyone would hand-count exclusively when this is an affordable option.”
What every pharmacist needs to eliminate customer disputes...
Get your free trial at http://www.kirbylester.com/ Finally, proof you didn’t miscount your customer’s hydrocodone! This is a proven way to put an end to those uncomfortable “he said/she said” disputes about patients getting the right number of medications. There’s too much at stake today to leave any narcotics dispense to chance.
Cleaning the Kirby Lester KL1 and KL1Plus
This quick video covers recommended daily cleaning for your Kirby Lester KL1 or KL1Plus counting device. Please share this video with all staff members who will be using the Kirby Lester device.
Kirby Lester vs. Eyecon – Coats Pharmacy, Coats, NC
How the KL1Plus Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zNerCeqgjY Pharmacy owner Diana Lischon describes her experience using two different pharmacy automation devices, the Eyecon and the Kirby Lester tabletop counting systems.
Pharmacy Technician’s Perspective On Kirby Lester robots
Sara Frederixon shares a pharmacy technician’s perspective on the ease of using pharmacy automation, specifically the Kirby Lester KL60 pharmacy robot. Cass Street Pharmacy is a high-volume pharmacy in downtown La Crose, WI. Their technicans rely on the Kirby Lester robot to handle more than 40% of total prescriptions. Ms. Frederixon sums it up like this: “Using their ‘Big Kirby’ makes everything faster and smoother.”
Pour technique for small parts
It's simple to quickly master the proper technique for pouring tablets and capsules through the top funnel of a Kirby Lester counter. Pour continuously, at an even rate. Do not dump pills directly through. Slow when you are near your target quantity.
KL1 or KL1Plus: Which counter is right for you?
Choosing which Kirby Lester tablet counter for your pharmacy is easy. Watch this quick video to learn the basic differences between Kirby Lester’s famous KL1 pill counter, and KL1Plus counter with scan-verification for error prevention.
QC and Batch Counting – Kirby Lester KL1 Counter
The world’s most trusted QC counting machine. Simple, non-interfaced counting device for QC and lower volume batch-counting. Ideal for industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agriculture and small-piece manufacturing that require accurate parts counting. The KL1 eliminates inefficient manual counting. It’s quick, always accurate, and never requires calibration. Trust your manufacturing batch-counting and QC counting to Kirby Lester’s KL1 industrial counting machine.
Les robots KL60 et KL100, par les pionniers de l'automatisation des pharmacies, Kirby Lester
Kirby Lester apporte aux pharmacies de centres hospitaliers ou communautaires un type très différent d'automatisation. Le KL60 et KL100 s’intègrent facilement à votre espace de plancher existant et gèrent entièrement la majorité de vos ordonnances. Les robots Kirby Lester sont équipés pour délivrer de façon automatisée les médicaments les plus prescrits de la pharmacie, allant de 60 à 100 variétés différentes. Votre personnel est ainsi libéré pour se concentrer sur le service à la clientèle et mettre ses efforts sur des actions à valeur ajoutée.
Kirby Lester les presenta un tipo de automatización muy diferente.
De los pioneros en el desarrollo de tecnología para la dispensación farmacéutica, Kirby Lester les presenta un tipo de automatización muy diferente. El robot Kirby Lester, ahora disponible en dos modelos: el compacto KL60 y el KL100, de tamaño medio. Equipados para gestionar la dispensación de sus 60 o 100 medicamentos más despachados. Tamaño optimizado para la mayoría de las farmacias de comunidad y ambulatorios, maximizando su eficacia. Tanto el KL60 como el KL100 dispensan automáticamente y sin interrupción hasta un 50% de sus recetas diarias totales... sin complicaciones, ni gastos excesivos de inventario.
Eyecon vs. Kirby Lester – Gateway Healthmart, Bismark, ND
Pharmacist-in-charge Briana Fluhrer describes her experience using two different pharmacy automation devices, the Eyecon and the Kirby Lester tabletop counting systems.
Kirby Lester   KL50icf Operation Cleaning Video
KL50ic / icf — Small- to mid-volume packing
Kirby Lester counters – perfect for narcotics
Kay Campbell, RPh, relies every day on her Kirby Lester counter at K&K Pharmacy, Muleshoe, TX, especially with narcotics dispensing and inventory. “We have a triple-check process on narcotics. Without a Kirby Lester counter, I could not do that,” Kay says. Her Kirby Lester is the perfect complement to their pharmacy’s robot, nicknamed “Bubba”. While the robot handles high-movers, the Kirby Lester handles everything else … plus the essential task of narcotics control. “I have customers who come back and say, Sorry I only got 30 tablets and I was supposed to get 60. With Kirby Lester, when you get prescribed 60, you’re going to get exactly 60.”
Farmacias de Comunidad de Puerto Rico
Ha visto ya este nuevo comercial? “Por más de 500 años, las Farmacias de comunidad han sido parte de la historia de Puerto Rico”. Estamos orgullosos de que nuestro robot Kirby Lester KL60 aparezca en este comercial como claro y fiel reflejo de cómo nuestra tecnología contribuye al éxito de las Farmacias de comunidad de Puerto Rico a la hora de proveer un mejor servicio a sus clientes. Para más información, visítenos en la “Expo CooPharma”, en el Hotel Sheraton entre el 2-4 Junio.
Customer Review: Larsen Service Drug
North Dakota pharmacist Jenna Wahlstrom discusses the important role her KL60 pharmacy robot plays in freeing up her time for patient interaction and for value-added services. "If you're at max capacity, there's a limit. With a robot, you can exponentially decrease the time it takes to dispense medications. You need to spend time with your patients, not to count pills all day."
Thrive (don’t just stay alive) in today’s pharmacy environment
Minas Liristis, owner of The Medicine Shoppe in Largo, FL is a veteran of the changing pharmacy environment. While so many of his colleagues have struggled, his business has flourished. How? Continually challenging his staff and himself. Wringing out any wasted time. Getting faster. Questioning old workflow ideas. Investing in technology. Listen to his story about how a pharmacy today must “disrupt its own business – or be disrupted”.