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Omron automatic blood pressure monitor at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
Omron automatic BP monitor is clinically tested for accuracy, it provides a fully automatic inflation and simple one-touch operation
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Omron Ear Thermometer Instructional Video at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
Taking temperature has never been easier. The Omron Gentle Temp Instant Ear Thermometer fits comfortably in the ear and beeps to indicate correct positioning.
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Elevit and Menevit for a healthy pregnancy
Elevit reduces neural tube defects by 92%
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Difflam Throat Spray
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xenical 120mg capsules for weight loss
Weight control in adults with BMI over 30, in conjunction with low fat, calorie controlled diet. Order your Xenical weight loss capsule today at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
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Optuim Xceed
Blood sugar level (BSL) Meter
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Menevit designed for male fertility
Menevit is specifically formulated to support sperm health. Menevit contains a combination of antioxidants to support sperm health for couples planning pregnancy. Go to www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz to purchase
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How to use Omron Blood pressure monitor at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
Our PharmacyOnWeb Pharmacist demonstrates how to use the Omron Blood pressure monitor
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New Zealand Online Pharmacy Store
Shop with www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz, for great discount and prices get reward points.
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Red Krill Oil New Zealand
www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz is home to the Red Krill Oil, it's 6 times stronger than normal fish oil and comes from the pristine water of the Antarctics. If you suffer from heart problems, sore joints, high cholesterol, then you need Red krill oil. Buy Now and get the best price in NZ!
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bioglan smart  kids range
Bioglan Kids Range. Omega3 Fish Oil, Ease-a-cold, calcium, omega3 trio, kids multi.
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OMRON Blood Pressure monitor
A healthy heart and healthy Blood pressure equals a long healthy Life. Get it checked every day at the comfort of your own home with your very own Omron Automatic blood pressure monitor. Easy to use with 2 years warranty. Best price and range at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz plus earn Reward Points
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Buy Vitamins Online New Zealand
Where do I buy my Vitamins in NZ? www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz of course, we have the very top brands to keep you healthy and on the go each day. Pick from Nutralife, Thompsons, Blackmores, Bioglan, Ensure Plus and many more. Super hot prices plus earn reward points for even more discount
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Accu-Check Performa
An easy to use machine to check your blood sugar level (BSL)
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Testimonial for www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
Make Pharmacy On Web your online pharmacy of choice and be satisfied plus get pharmacy reward points to get even more discounts with your next visit
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Naturalene - The Invisible Glove
For long lasting protection from dirt, grime, sweat rash, chafing, nappy rash, or other irritation, gently rub a small amount into the area until totally absorbed. A unique blend of natural extracts formulated specifically to provide complete protection from irritation.
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bioglan super fish oil
Bioglan Super Fish Oil Concentrated EPA and DHA 100 enteric coated softgel capsules. One-A-Day formula.
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REGAINE® Foam Pharmacyonweb
Medically Proven to treat shrinking hair and advancing baldness in Men and Women.
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The new Ultrasonic Vaporiser  in action
This unit works on the ultrasonic technology, which is the vibration of the water at 1.7 million times per second, resulting in a fine cold vapour that not only adds moisture to the air to help with respiratory issues but also acts as an ioniser, diffuser, air purifier and night lamp. A great winter product so check it out now at, http://pharmacyonweb.co.nz/ultrasonic-vaporiser-with-sniffles-essential-oils.html
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benadrylmucusrelief at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
BENADRYL® Mucus Relief plus Decongestant contains an expectorant and decongestant to deliver the effect of loosening mucus that causes chest congestion and clears blocked or runny noses.
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Aveo TSD anti-snoring aid
An advanced Anti Snoring Device. The Aveo TSD is a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive solution to problem snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Visit www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz to purchase.
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Bioglan Red Krill Oil pharmacyonweb co nz
The new Bioglan Red Krill oil is 10 times stronger than 1 fish oil 1000mg capsule. Buy it now from www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
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We show how to use a Vaginal Syringe for douching
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Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
This professional powder contains lustrous pearlized particles, for a beautiful radiant glow, it significantly reduces the appearance of freckles, acne and other skin conditions. It works by reflecting your natural skin tone which means it will match all skin tones.
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ProConceptia Sachets - Healthy Sperm,Healthy Baby
Laying the foundations for a healthy baby begins well before birth. Men have an equally improtant role when it comes to ensuring a healthy beginning to life. Male sperm quality is a factor in over half of all couples that experience problems conceiving as shown by studies. Causes of fertility problems: 40% Male,40% female,10% combined,10% unexplained.
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How to use the Pharmacy Points Rewards Slider
So you've earned a whole ton of points from shopping at www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz. Watch the video and start spending
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intelligender Gender prediction test
IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test. Pink or blue, let IntelliGender Tell You!! over 90% accuracy
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Canesten Duo www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz
Canesten Duo is used to treat a fungal infection in the vagina and vulval area (thrush).
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Instyler- Rotating hair straightener NZ
Straightens and curls, adds Volume and Shine 210 degrees Ceramic Heat 30 Seconds Rapid Heat-Up Multiple Heat seatings Available in 19mm and 32 mm : Classic Silver Pretty and Pink Sugar Plum
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Harmony womens balancing formula
Menopause and PMT relief for all your symptoms Hormone balance from mother nature using traditional herbs No Black Cohosh so no long term Side effects such as liver damage Combination of the 9 herbs and Nutrients is why Harmony® is so effective
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QV skin lotion 1 litre at pharmacyonweb.co.nz
Help repair your skin with QV Skin Lotion, a soothing moisturiser for the prevention and treatment of dry skin, scaly skin, winter itch, ichthyosis, xerosis, permatitis and other dry dermatological conditions.
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Bioglan Kids Ease-a-cold.
Bioglan Kids ease-a-cold is an effective formulation containing premium natural ingredients to defend againts winter ailments.
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Deer Velvet Spray
A rich natural source of IGF-1 and growth hormones. The only Sublingual Spray in New Zealand! Visit www.pharmacyonweb.co.nz to buy.
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