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Survey Scams so called Hack tools Part 3
Hi! Thanks for watching my videos. I wanted to post part 3 to show How low these Fucking spammers assholes are. The spammer stole and copied how2duder video, So they can peddle their Spam! I PM how2duder that the spammers used his video without his knowledge & permission! Hey Youtube Mods I hope you watching this video and remove the spammers videos forcing people to do surveys so they can get the so called files that really never works even if it works, Surveys is SPAM! I flagged the spammers video so many times! It's time to clean up and remove the spam! It's time you get serious on these Spammers stealing and using other peoples video without their permission! Well people I hope you like part 3!
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Survey Scams so called Hack tools Part 2
Hi! I Thought I post another video, The Spammers is trying to pull a fast one. This video is about The So called survey bypass tool so you can download file and bypass surveys, Well guess what? It's another spammers clap trap. I laughed so hard spammers comes up with this scam so you can bypass a survey so you can download file that you want. People who did the surveys and regretted it please comment and tell us your horror surveys experience, Like your e-mail got flooded with never ending spam, and your cell received so many spam texts and did it effect your cell phone bill, when you buy crap from the spammers survey did your credit card # got hijacked? Stolen? and did your ID get stolen? Please tell us about your horrible experience so It will expose the spammers! I hope you tube Mods watches this video, and delete the spammers videos that has a surveys on their web link.
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