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Sun Location - Too far North
The sun, as many already know, is too far north. I've noticed this at my place as well. MY BLOG: http://tinyurl.com/lpv5ojn
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Pack-n-Stack Agenda 21 Apts in North Texas!
Yet another ginormous Agenda 21 apartment community with stores, restaurants, train, hundreds of apartments, everything that makes up a pack-n-stack community. Sorry for the halting monologue, I was trying to keep my eye on traffic while talking, which apparently uses the same part of my brain, lol.
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HAIL 04 06 18
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Agenda 21 apts north Dallas
Huge all inclusive pack n stack, walking/biking/train-ing/no car community in far north Dallas
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Been noticing the sky has a red "wash" around sunset. This may be from the iron oxide dust surrounding Nibiru/Herculobus as it enters our solar system. It's a magnetic planet, so tends to have a lot of "space junk" surrounding it. MY BLOG: http://rightwhine.blogspot.com/
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White Sunset DFW
First video, be kind! Really sorry it's in portrait mode, completely forgot about the first rule of filming! :( Unfortunately you really can't tell that the sky is VERY LIGHT as I could see in person. Hope to post more as I am able in this ongoing 'saga'!
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Days of Haze
DFW area - very hazy day, like the (chemtrail) clouds were reaching down to the earth. It was warmish, but not all that humid; humidity is usually the culprit when it's hazy out, but not today. Also noticed that while in my car with the window rolled up the sun felt VERY warm through the window, as well
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Black Hole Sun...er, I mean BLACK CHEMTRAILS... right over my little neighborhood. Death and disease and chemicals, OH MY! Check out RFB's latest video to see what's going on in HIS neck of the woods from all the chemtrailing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6c7HsGi7_s
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Crazy pole shift???
It seems the closer Nibiru/Nemesis/Herculobus/Planet X get to the earth the more its magnetic properties are starting to cause problems here on earth. I've noticed that the sun is now setting much further north than it ever did before!
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