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8 Steps for Making  Pills on Mini Handheld Tablet Presser
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Stainless Steel Handheld Pill Press is a cost-effective to make pharmaceutical grade tablets in a wide range of shapes and sizes from 3mm to 20mm, such as the Pill S903 of 15.6*4.6mm and Watson Pill of 15*8. mm. In this video, 8 steps for making pills on min handheld tablet presser are emphatically introduced. For more details, click the video or visit: http://www.askavideo.com
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3 Steps to Adjust Candy Tablet Thickness on TDP0 Tablet Press
Email:kosbest2018@gmail.com TDP series tablet presses are single punch tablet pressing machine used to press granules into tablets, which can be candies, vitamin, detergent, calcium,tablets, etc. From this video, 3 steps to adjust tablet thickness on TDP0 Tablet Press are introduced in detail, which can be adopted in other tablet pressing of the same series. More information about TDP0 Tablet Press, please click the video or log in http://www.kosbest.com
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High-effective ZP 19  Rotary Tablet Press  for Pharmacy Industry
Contact us for detailed information: Website:http://www.kosbest.com / Email:video.kosbest2018@gmail.com ZP-19, a rotary tablet pressing machine with 19 punches, can press all kinds of granular materials into tablet of round shaped pieces or various shapes. On structure, its turntable can be equipped with 19 pairs of dies, which means when turntable rotated a circle, 19 tablets can be produced. And with production capacity of 45000 pieces per hour, ZP-19 suits small batch production in pharmaceutical, food, electronics, chemical products. Besides,a mechanical buffering device is configured to avoid the damage of the parts caused by overloading, and the side of the machine is provided with a powder suction box, then the dust generated by the operation of the machine can be absorbed through the suction nozzle, so as to avoid sticking and clogging. More importantly, its overall design of this machine conforms to the requirements of GMP and FDA, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
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Light-weight TDP 5 Tablet Press  for Small Batch Production
More details, please contact: http:// www.kosbest.com/ TDP series tablet press is specially designed to press powder into tablet with various shapes. Among them, TDP5 with capacity of 5000 piece per hour and filling depth adjustable, can be suitable for lab use or small batch production. More information about TDP5,please click this video and get price by contacting: video.kosbest@gmail.com
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How are supplements Made in Bulk Production?
http://www.kosbest.com Tablet press is also applied in health care industry. Often times, supplements like protein, calcium, vitamin, body building, herbs, mineral are well compacted.
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Tablet Pressing Mould/ Punch Dies with MARIO Imprinted for Rotary Tablet Press
http://www.kosbest.com / Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com It is a superior quality tools that is only used on rotary tablet press. Made of 6Crw2Si, rust and corrosion prevention. Imprint of Mario, Simpson, Sponge Bob, Minions is available. Customization service is available for imprint and dimensions. Contact me to get a quote :video.kosbest@gmail.com. and get more options of tablet tooling and tablet press machine.
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Small dry granulator for laboratory use
More videos about Small dry granulator, please visit:http://www.kosbest.com
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Liquid Packaging Solutions Water Packing Milk Packing Machine
You wil find more information of the liquid packaging machine on http://www.kosbest.com. And we KOSBEST will offer more packaging solutions for liquid packaging, water packaging, ketchup packaging, milk packaging, beverage packaging, cola packaging, wine packaging, etc. Contact us for help kosmachinery@gmail.com
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How does SZH Double-tapered Series Mixers make powder uniformity?
http://www.kosbest.com Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com SZH Double-tapered Series Mixers in work: For the special design, SZH Double-tapered Series Mixers of high quality and high efficiency are different from traditional mixers.Two asymmetric cantilever screw of different length are provided to rotary around their own axis and central axis around the conical vessel. With the help of the rotary arm, screw rotates near the pyramidal wall. Thus,materials are repeatedly lifted, sheared, and make convection and diffusion or other complex motion to achieve well mixing. More details, click the video above.
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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine(Capsules Filler) NJP1200C-2
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine(Capsules Filler) NJP1200C-2 , details on http://kosbest.com, contact us kosmachinery@gmail.com
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Tutorial: How to adjust tablet thickness on ZP 9 Rotary Tablet Pressing
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com With the capacity of 17,280 pieces per hour, KOSBEST ZP-9 is a versatile rotary tablet pressing machine to successive compress powder or granule into tablet of 2mm to 6mm, which can be widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agriculture, metallurgical and other industries. For small footprint and easy control, ZP9 have wins great praise from our customers. By controlling two knobs on the panel, the pill thickness can be adjusted. Now, it only takes you less than 3 minutes to watch the video, how to adjust tablet thickness can be easily mastered. More details about the KOSBEST ZP9 Rotary Tablet Press, the price or its related tablet punch, please contact: www.kosbest.com
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How capsule packing machine on Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine?
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Features of this video: 1.basic introduction of Aluminum Plastic Aluminum Packaging Machine 2.how capsules packed on 03 DPB360JL Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine More details, click the video or visit : http://www.askavideo.com
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WF Multifunctional Pulverizing Machine for Crushing Rice into Fine Powder
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com How rice crushed into rice-powder on WF Multifunctional Pulverizing Machine, is shown in this video. For more information about WF Multifunctional Pulverizing Machine, please visit: www. kosbest.com
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pulverizing machine pulverizer machine
More videos about: pulverizing machine, please contact: http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Rotary Granulator Running Test Granulating Machine
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Rotary Granulator is applied in pharmaceutical,chemical and foodstuff industry to grind slightly wet powder into granules or crushes power block for grinding. More videos about [granulating machine], please contact: http://www.askavideo.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Biconical Mixer Mixing machine
Mixing machine, including small volume mixing machine and large volume mixing machine, are all provided on http://www.kosbest.com
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Full Automatic Capsules Filling Machine for powdery or granular capsules(capsules filler)
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Playing as one of the most important role in capsules manufacturing equipment, the NIP7500C-2 Capsules Filling Machine(capsules filler)is upgraded on traditional filler with advancing patented technology in line with the market demand. Designed in 4 row -54 punch hole -12 workbay and reasonable selection in high precision RU250 and RU140 clearance division box,NJP7500C-2 Full Automatic Capsules Filling Machine is specially for mass production of capsules, and won lost of praise from our customers of pharmaceutical enterprise, especially for its patented 3D adjustable system to guarantee the precise powder filling amount......Click the video for more information. More videos about capsules filler, please visit our website: http://www.askavideo.com
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How does linkage packaging production line of DPH-270D and ZHJ-400 work?
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com With the latest patent rotating suction head and queuing technology of drug plate in intelligent conveyor belt, DPH-270D High-speed Blister Packaging Machine is used for aluminum plastic packaging of drugs of various regular shapes with high speed detection and rejection. It can achieve a stable queue of 600 boards per minute into the box pharmacy store, which possess the speed matching with ZHJ-400D automatic packing machine. This linkage packaging production line of DPH-270D and ZHJ-400D is specially designed for high-speed aluminum plastic packaging, which is suitable for medicine , especially capsules, tablets, chewing gum and lozenge. It enables automation of blister molding, feeding, bubbling, as well as automatic detection and elimination, and the medicine plate is automatically queued to convey to high-speed automatic bin. The high-speed automatic packing machine can encase the medicine plate and direction book into the carton and seal the box with batch number, so as to reduce the field and save labor. More importantly, its high automation and high cleanliness are more in line with the GMP requirements. For more information, please click the video. Besides of this, KOSPACAKGING provides different linkages solution according to various drugs boards of all sizes. Please be free to contact: https://www.kosbest.com / kospackaging@hotmail.com
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SYH Series Three-dimension Motion Medical Powder Mixer
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Carried by active shaft, cylinder of SYH Series Three-dimension Motion Power Mixer make the cycle of translation, rotation and other complex movement to carry the materials make three-dimensional movement, thus promote a variety of materials in flow, diffusion, accumulation, and doping, which achieve uniform mixing.
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ZP 9 Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine
tablet pressing machine is used to press the powders and granules into hard tablets and pills. A wide range of tablet press machine are listed on http://kosbest.com. Special requirement on the tablet size and shape, plz contact us first before ordering kosmachinery@gmail.com
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ZP27A Rotary Tablet Press-www.kosbest.com
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com More videos about 【rotary tablet pressing machine】,please visit:http://www.askavideo.com
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High Speed Rotary Tablet Press GZPK Series Full-automatic tablet machine
GZPK Series Full-automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press, details on http://www.kosbest.com
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EYH Two-dimensional Mixing Machine
More videos about [mixing machine ], please contact:http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Automatic boxing machine Cartoning machine in KOSBEST.com
To know more of this fully-automatic boxing machine and more other cartoning machine, plz visit here http://www.kosbest.com. For any inquiry, email to kosmachinery@gmail.com
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Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer|Beijing Hanlin Hangyu Technology Development Inc
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com With 21 patent technologies, Beijing Hanlin Hangyu Technology Development Inc, professional manufacturer of whole set pharmaceutical equipment,is capable of provide full services covering from R & D, production, sales and technical services of solid preparation equipment for pharmaceutical factories. By over a decade of fast development, the company has earned a good reputation and fame in domestic industry,and still trying hard to build up the famous brand as “Dr.Pharma Precision Machinery” in fellow companies home and abroad. At present, the company products have entered the Sanofi, Novartis, AstraZeneca and other world-class pharmaceutical production enterprises, and most of products are exported to North America (USA, Mexico), Europe (Turkey, Russia), Asia (India), Africa (Nigeria, Algeria), South America (Brazil) and other countries. More videos about manufacturer of whole set pharmaceutical equipment, please visit our website:http://www.askavideo.com
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EYH Two Dimensional Mixing Machine/ Industrial Mixer
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com EYH Two Dimensional Mixing Machine is named for the machine running in horizontal and vertical to thorough blend the powder evenly. Click the above video to get an intuitive understanding with EYH Mixing machine
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Refrigeration Grinding Machine/Cryopreservation Mill/ Pulverizing Machine
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com More video about pharmaceutical pulverizing machine, Please visit:http://www.askavideo.com
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Granulator | Dry Granulating Process
Dry Granulating Process on http://www.kosbest.com
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SYH Three-dimensional Mixing Machine
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Carried by active shaft, cylinder of SYH Series Three-dimension Motion Power Mixer make the cycle of translation, rotation and other complex movement to carry the materials make three-dimensional movement, thus promote a variety of materials in flow, diffusion, accumulation, and doping, which achieve uniform mixing.YH Series Three-dimension Motion Mixer are new mixer widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry etc, or scientific research. The machine is extremely suit for mixing powder or granular materials with good flow performance to be well-proportioned. KOSBST provide SYH Series Mixing Machines ranging from SYH-15, SYH-50, SYH-100, SYH-200 , SYH-400, SYH-600, SYH-800, SYH-1000, SYH-1200, SYH-1400, SYH-1600, SYH-1800, SYH-2000.More details, caontact: www.kosbest.com
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VH mixer for power mixing
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com KOSBEST INDUSTRY is specialized in mixing machine for various application in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry etc, or scientific research. More information, don't hesitate to contact: video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Tablet Pressing Machine ZP 9 Compressing Candy Tablet
Contact us for more information: Website:http://www.kosbest.com ZP-9 tablet press is widely used in many fields, especially in food industry. It can make candies tablet, sugar, confectionery, flake coffee, throat lozenge, chocolate chips, seasoner, milk tablets, calcium, vitamin, proplis tablets, etc. This video show one of application case, how candy tablet made by ZP-9. More information about this tablet press, please contact: video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Conveyor Dryer drying machine for mass production in pharmaceutical industry
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com What does conveyor dryer for mass production in pharmaceutical /food industry? Click the video for more.
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Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Machine
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com More videos about 【vacuum drying machine】, please visit: http://www.kosbest.com
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Pulverizing Machine|KC 710 Ultra Low Temperature Traditional Chinese Medicine Ultramicro Pulverizer
Introduction for KC 710 Ultra low temperature traditional Chinese medicine ultramicro pulverizer. Details on http://www.kosbest.com
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DPH 270D  High speed aluminum blister packing machine with roll plate
More videos about aluminum blister packing machine, please visit:http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Tutorial on Assembly and Disassembly of VH-50 Powder Mixing Machine(V Shaped Mixer )
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Feature of this video: Characteristics of the VH-50 Powder Mixing Machine. How does the VH-50 Powder Mixing Machine work? How to assemble or disassemble this machine? ...... Click on the video for more information. Besides VH-50, we offer custom-made service that meets all your requirements for special voltage, V-cylinder volume, etc. Configuration of our powder mixers ranges from VH1/ VH5/ VH8/ VH10/ VH14/ VH20/ VH30/ VH50/ VH100.... VH200/ VH300/ VH500/ VH1000/ VH1500/ VH2000/ VH2500/ VH3000. More information about V-shaped Mixing Machine, please contact: video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Mixing machine 200L SYH 3D(Three-dimensional) Mixing Machine, Three Dimensions Mixer
More videos about [industrial mixing machine], please visit: http://www.kosbest.com
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Ultramicro Pulverizer Run Test for Grinding Fertilizer into Fine Powder
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com Ultra Micro Pulverizer is able to 100% pulverize diverse kinds of grains and biomass material to 10-5000 mesh final products. The advanced processing technology and stable operation enable the 100% yield. The SP-C650 pulverizer can fine grind the wheat, bran, buckwheat, grist, potato chips, cacao beans, carob pods, milk powder, lotus seeds, starch, maize, millet, sticky rice, soybean, mung bean, dextrin, glucose, dehydrated vegetable, Hawthron, pumpkin powder, shell, bone meal, puffed grain, charcoal, wood chips, palm kernel shells, coconut shells and other raw materials. The machine is widely used in food manufacturing plant and biomass process plant such as dairy product factory, mixed grain processing plant, flour plant, food additive factory etc. More information about the Ultramicro Pulverizer, please visit:http://www.askavideo.com / Email: video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Coating Machine for Grain Polishing
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com How coating machine work for grain polishing, is demonstrated in this video. For more detail about the coating machine, please feel free to contact: video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Coating machine for capsules/ tablet coater
Coating machine coater on http://www.kosbest.com. contact us to get a price kosmachinery@gmail.com
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Emulsifying machine Emulsifier Homogenizer
more emulsifying machine, please visit: http://www.kosbest.com/
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How Rotary Granulator Work
More videos about 【Rotary Granulator 】,please visit: http://www.kosbest.com or contact:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Rotary  Extruding Scraper Granulator
more videos about [granulating machine ], please visit: http://www.kosbest.com
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ZP 35D Rotary Tablet Press tablet manufacturing factory
More videos about Rotary Tablet Press, Please visit: http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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ZFJ Chinese Herbal Medicine Crushing Machine
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com ZFJ is designed for crushing Chinese herbal into powder, and this video demonstrate how ZFJ work with powerful motor.
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Cubic V mixer mixing machine V shape mixer
v shape mixing machine is a high-effective mixer machine, always used for mixing powders and granules. KOSBEST offer various types of mixer machine. Visit http://www.kosbest.com to discover more mixing solutions. for price contact us kosmachinery@gmail.com
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KOSBEST Trade in Pharmaceutical Chemical Food Cosmetics Metallurgical Industries
more pharmaeutical machines on http://www.kosbest.com
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NJP3500C-2 Full Automatic Capsules Filler/Filling Machine for Powdery or Granular Capsules
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com With patented technology, the NJP3500C-2 has been upgraded and modernized from the traditional capsule filler, which make capsule filling more automatic, accurate, and efficient. Due to the design of 2 row-25 punch hole and 12-workbay, NJP3500C-2 Filling Machine is a high-technology single equipment with large amount, which can run smoothly with the rotary speed of 117 round/minute to manufacture 210 thousand capsules per hour. Besides, equipped with exclusive device such as patented 3D adjustable system, dehumidifier in filling room, capsule control switch and pointing control system, the reasonable selection in high precision RU180 and RU140 clearance division box, NJP5000C-2 Full Automatic Capsules Filling Machine can be capable of mass production of capsules in powdery, granular drug or health product......Click the video for more information. More videos about capsules filler, please visit our website:http://www.askavideo.com
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Emulsification Machine Emulsifying machine
More information about [Emulsification Machine], please visit:http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com
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Automatic Vertical Packing Machine for Granule Powder Sachet
http://www.kosbest.com/ Email:video.kosbest@gmail.com This video introduces a vertical type packaging machine for pack the powders or granule into small bags, which can automatically finish filling, sealing, cutting, counting process,and be used to pack small pieces of food, tea, herb, coffee, soya, grain, sugar, salt, small hardware.....Besides, how to operate the vertical packaging machine is shown in detail. For more information, please click the video.
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