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315lbs on a 212cc Motovox mini-bike.  No brakes.  Who needs 'em?
212cc Predator engine swap
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Just messing around trying to have an end product as inexpensively as possible.
Cut hole for sink bowl. Placed back in van. I might have missed my target.
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Unboxing CooperGroove High Performance Drumsticks
I am a distributor.
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Travlog#5 Vanlife Bible Time.
Jeremiah 7, 1 Corinthians 15, Acts 9
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Another step achieved.
House power parts.
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One problem solved.
I made my own denture. How cool is that?
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Don't miss the tail end of this one.
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This ain't workin'
It's like trying to pull teeth to get anything done around this place.
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My Edited Video
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Which is why i couldn't pull out the dead space. Pfft what a joke that editing is.
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Travlog#2  11/13/16 Stuck in the driveway for now.
an Acts 26 kind of day. There is a war going on that many are blind to. To God be the Glory for the Gift price of the Van and the Gift of the Laptop. May my boldness with His word be, somehow, edifying to those who hear .
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Tour of van.   No laughing please.
: just trying to piece it together. It works for me. I need advice on filmora to blur. Please comment if you know. I hopefully, am saving room to take my Drum set along with me. ( don't worry. you might see the set but you probably wont hear it.)
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Why no recent videos, Kip???  Isn't it obvious?
Every time I save up. Something jumps in and eats my savings. I'll try to do a little soon. I have acquired items to do some modification work. I have a simple setup, So there really w won't be a series of build videos. One maybe 2 with a tour. Then we talk bible and try to at least go camping. (Smile pending, again with the greedy mister that his my savings. But I am working on it.)
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Getting brakes, test ride report, is this legal? Clean dog.
#minibike #predator #vanlife
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Vanlife??? But, I did the necessary requirements...
License class change. But not insurance class change???
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We knew that was coming soon.
#ooops #predatorminibike #Iblamenoonebutmyself #imusedtothisbynowbutitstillhurts #vanlife #Ifeelalive
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Days getting short(er).
Just noticing the end of Cindy and the beginning of days getting shorter. and something else. I figured out i can't keep peoples attention very long. (and I am the one who supposedly lived a life of ADHD.)
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I am no thief...   but I practically stole these!
Solar Surprise.
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Junior doing his thing he always does.
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Driveway campfire.  Content therein. Phillipians 4:11
#Vanlife #vandwelling #campfire #boondocking
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3 Tank Denture,  Bartering Smiles and Miles
#vanlife #vandwelling #boondocking #dentures #gospel #truth #kingjamesbible
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Paws editing only.   (Pause)
After 2 days rain. this is all one video with using the pause button to change a couple or 3 scenes. (slow learner on the editing programs and getting files to be where i think they are. I might be slow on the uptake but once i get it.. I'm gonna got it. BRUTAL End . I straight up, ran out of space. I just put 30 more gigs in the phone after this. my go cam is a cheapy anyway.
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