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Dark Souls 3 Gesture OP plz nerf
Learning my way through Nameless King using my pvp character. I found a new way to dodge one of his attacks.
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Dark Souls 3 NG++ Defeating Halflight at SL20 using +2 weapons
I challenged myself to beat Halflight using my SL20 PVP character (nothing has been reinforced beyond +2). The 2nd DLC came out when my character was already in NG++, so I had a lot of learning to do. This is just to show that NG++ bosses can be killed with SL 20 PVP characters. The trick with Halflight and his two healers is that they are bad at gauging distance. I kept running in circles around the room to lure the healer. When the healer charged at me, I would strike (it would run into my sword). I would backstab when it tried to heal. This strat works for both healers. Halflight works the same way. He has three "modes," so to speak; they are shown here. One is his "Hold" weapon art stance. He'll have his sword at his side ready to send a shockwave to you or slice and dice you with his other weapon art. At a further distance, he'll try to send a shockwave to you. This can be punished by firing a bolt at him. His other "mode" is separating you from him using a ritual spear and then firing arrows at you. Run around the wall of spears, dodge his arrows, and strike him once or twice to punish him. His third "mode" is when he starts running towards you. This is the perfect opportunity to strike because he's stupid when it comes to gauging distance. Strike just before he comes into range; he'll walk right into your sword. I refrained from striking until his soulmasses fired first. I didn't summon Patches. He was terrible as an ally. Just kept dying on me.
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Dark Souls 3 NG++ Halflight at SL20 using +2 weapons part 1
Part 1 of 2. I beat Halflight using a SL20 character designed for PVP. Tutorial: Kill the healers first. Healers have a lot of poise, so avoid attacking head-on senselessly. Best time to attack is when they charge at you and when they cast miracles. Maintain a steady distance so that you can interrupt any major healing miracles. Their blades are short, so take advantage of that when you see them charging at you. It's not the end of the world if they do heal, it just means more work. Ignore the arrows that Halflight might shoot at you. They stun but they do not do much damage. Heal as needed. Halflight can be easily deconstructed into three modes: archer mode, charge mode, and weapon art mode. In his archer mode, he will first try to create a barrier between you and him using a ritual spear fragment. Run around the ritual spear fragment and close in on him, avoiding his first shot. He is vulnerable to a backstab after firing his first shot, but the window for this is small. It's easier to sneak in two strikes, then roll away. Do not go for the hit if there are soul masses in the way - they will stun you and he will sneak in a hit or two, costing you a lot of health. In his charge mode, he will walk towards you. Strike just before he comes into range. Like his healers before him, he's stupid when it comes to gauging distance and will walk right into your blade. Hit him only if there are no soul masses threatening to stun you. If he hits you, he will hit you twice before you can roll away. In his weapon art mode, he will have his katana at his side, ready to either stupidly slash at thin air when you get too close or send a shockwave towards you. Keep your distance, and fire a shot at him just as he sends his shockwave towards you. Stay on the move to avoid the shockwave and any soul masses. The weapon I used was an Astora Straight Sword +2. It would've been slightly easier had I used the Raw Astora Straight Sword +2 but I didn't notice I had the wrong sword equipped. I also had a light crossbow equipped, but any ranged weapon or item will do. His close combat weapon art is deadly, so avoid melee when he does his weapon art. I would advise summoning Patches. He sucks for this boss. I had to cut the video short before Xbox One cannot record for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I cut after I killed the second healer and the real second phase of the "boss" fight started.
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Dark Souls 3 NG++ Defeating Darkeater Midir at SL 20 using +2 weapons
This one took forever to nail. But it's done, so you know it's possible. My character is SL20 with nothing reinforced past +2. This DLC came out when my character was already in NG++, so at first I didn't even want to try. I had to respec so that I could hold the lothric banner in my offhand. I came in with 13 estus, 2 ashen estus (for banner weapon art), and gold pine bundle (does more damage than gold pine resin, though doesn't last as long as resin). Midir has many moves, too many to explain on how to exploit here. The big idea is to maintain a steady distance from Midir. This way you're not fighting the camera and the dragon at the same time. Some strats suggest running under or behind Midir, but my strat is to stay in front of him so that I can see his telegraphs and so that I have access to strike his head (dealing the most damage). Unlike the Demon Prince, all of Midir's attacks can be dodged. I didn't summon anybody for this fight. Couldn't anyways - no Xbox Gold Membership.
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Dark Souls 3 NG++ Halflight at SL20 using +2 weapons part 2
Part 2 of 2. A continuation of the battle from before. A little bit is cut before the end of last battle and the beginning of this battle. This is because the Xbox One cannot record for more than 10 minutes at a time, so there's a small gap between the two parts. I show my weapons and status again at the end to show the character is the same as before, and that I'm not doing some editing trickery.
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