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The Pharmaceutical Song - New Original Standup Piano Parody
Better Quality Version Uploaded Here: https://youtu.be/wDd6oHd531g Website: http://thealanallenshow.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheAlanAllenShow Twitter:https://twitter.com/AlanAllenShow A new take on a Tom Lehrer Classic- The Elements Song. Although I love standup comedy, I believe that I am better suited to convey my humor through solo piano. With Tim Minchin as my most current muse, as well as other musical comedy geniuses, Victor Borge, Allen Sherman and Tom Lehrer, I am trying to bring the genre back into the spotlight. Hopefully the conservatives here in The States, will one day catch up to the rest of the world and stop taking offense at everything that doesn't meet their standards of morality. Please subscribe, comment, re-post and share if you like it. Lyrics: MODERN MAJOR MEDICAL There's Percocet and Percodan and Darvocet Amoxycillan Phenobarbitol and Paracetamol and Oxycontin Lipitor and Lidocaine and Pennicillin Prednisone And Co-deine Hoodia Promethazine and Methadone Valium and Celebrex and Thorazine Klonopin Lithium and Nexium Abilify and Ritalin Zoloft Zyrtec Ambien and Nizorol And Ventolin and Vicodin and Insulin and Tylenol Test-os-ter-one Viagra Cialis Abilify Pyrin-itramide and Thalidimyde Butabarbitol Oxazapam and Clozapine Flurazipam Halazapam and Aderall and Rogaine Those are for serious conditions let's do those for recreation There's Mescaline and Psilocybin Peyote Ketamine And Opium and Crack Cocaine and Heroin Amphetamines And Methamphetamines and Alcohol and Cannibis And PCP and Morphine Ecstasy and Nicotine Angel Dust Rufies Goofie Bo Bo Meow Meow Dexies Crossies West Coast Turnarounds Tic Whack Ice Glass Easy Lay and Cryptonite Rain-bows Jellies Whizbang and Dynamite There's Double Trouble Prime Time Fry Daddy Ready Rock Caspers Cookies Easy Lay and Toss Ups Goofballs Golf Balls Eight Balls Speed Balls Skunk Chronic Indica Marijuana Ganja Let's talk about side effects Please be careful not to operate heavy machinery It may give you constipation Cardio Myopathy Diarrhea Vomiting and difficulty swallowing And Nervousness Incontinence and Dizziness and Impotence Dry Mouth Headaches Suicidal Tendancies Seizures Lesions Complicated Pregnancy Temporary Nausea Homosexuality Anal Leakage Anal Fissures Dual Personality Chest Pain Neck Pain Occasional Dyslexia Laryngitis Gingivitus Hyper-Pyrexia Paranoia Loss of Vision Frequent Urine Indecision If you get into a car you may wind up in a collision I'm sure that they have not yet discovered them all Just get me out of bed when they invent Fukitol
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Tim Minchin's "F Sharp" Cover- New Music Standup Parody
Description below these fine links: FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/TheAlanAllenShow?ref=ts&fref=ts The Alan Allen Show Website: http://thealanallenshow.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlanAllenShow Blogger -- The Vlog http://thealanallenshow.blogspot.com/ If you are familiar with Tim Minchin's work, you'll understand what a great inspiration he must be to any musical comedy performer. If you are NOT, please check out his material and stop wasting your time watching videos of kittens and college girl fails. You can waste your time watching MY videos, but afterwards, do a search on Minchin. Oh, and please feel free to subscribe to my channel if you'd like. Thanks!
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I Wanna Be More Jewish - Standup Piano Comedy
The Alan Allen Show Vlog: http://thealanallenshow.blogspot.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheAlanAllenShow Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlanAllenShow Website: http://thealanallenshow.com That's OK. Don't subscribe or push the like button on my account. I'll be fine thank you. Another song from my one man show- "The Alan Allen Show". Music needs to lighten up. Too many musicians take themselves too seriously. How many songs about teenage angst can we take? For the record, I don't even know if am that one-eight percent Jewish. It may be considerably less. Please "Like" it, comment on it and subscribe to my channel. Merci.
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The Anorexia Rag - Response To Beautiful Models Falling Down
The Alan Allen Show Vlog: http://thealanallenshow.blogspot.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheAlanAllenShow Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlanAllenShow Website: http://thealanallenshow.com Where have all the piano players gone? Is every musician a guitar player these days? For the most part, comedians are not musicians. When they DO play an instrument, it's usually a lackluster performance at best. On the other side of the coin, musicians are usually NOT funny. I'm finding that they take themselves way too seriously. They all want to be rock stars and eventually wind up all sounding the same. My new one man show, "The Alan Allen Show", is a marriage between my musical ability and my sense of humor. The world needs this. Tim Minchin, my greatest muse, is a huge success...overseas. America has yet to embrace this man and this genre. This is where I come in. I am of the opinion that sarcasm is the best path to enlightenment. Parody makes you think, and hopefully we will all be better people because of it. Please "Like", comment on it and subscribe to my channel. Danke.
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The Pharmaceutical Song -  Now with improved resolution!
A higher quality version of the original video.
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Let me rephrase that
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So Many Beautiful Lesbians
My homage....
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