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IIT - Indian Institute of Technology - World's Best Educational Institutes & Pride Of India
A documentary movie on IIT and its brand reputation. The world's toughest educational institute to get into. Acceptance rate- less than 1.7%. Its a famous saying that combine Harvard, MIT and Princeton - then you will get a feel of the level of IIT. It is very economical and students pay only $700 to study the best-in-the-world education. There are 15 IIt in India, the best ones being Mumbai, Delhi, Kharagpur, Chennai, Kanpur and Roorkee. Some of Notable alumni include Vinod Khosla, Shailesh Mehta, Narayan Murthy, Rajat gupta, Arun Sarin and many more The biggest Indian hit movie, '3 Idiots', was based on author Chetan Bhagat's experiences in his engineering life at IIT Delhi. Students all over India start dreaming of IIt when they are 10 and when they finish their 10th class, they join specialized coaching institutes and study for 10 hours everyday (minimum) for next 2-3 years, and then if they do well then some lucky 3000 people are accepted at these top institutes out of almost 200000 plus applicants. Its a dream.. a way of life.. the best of life.. its best of the India. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are a group of 15 autonomous engineering and technology-oriented institutes of higher education established and declared as Institutes of National Importance by the Parliament of India. The IITs were created to train only scientists and engineers. In order of establishment, they are located in Kharagpur (1950; as IIT 1951[2]), Mumbai (1958), Chennai (1959), Kanpur (1959), Delhi (1961; as IIT 1963), Guwahati (1994), Roorkee (1847; as IIT 2001), Ropar (2008), Bhubaneswar (2008), Gandhinagar (2008), Hyderabad (2008), Patna (2008), Jodhpur (2008), Mandi (2009) and Indore (2009). Apart from these ITBHU Varanasi is also slated for conversion as IIT Varanasi. For more details Google or Wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Institutes_of_Technology Note - I do not have all the copyrights to this video and have posted it on request of people from IIT who want to promote IIT Brand and show its power & Importance worldwide. If you own the copyrights to this video, drop me a message and I would be happy to mention your work in the Video description and provide links to your channel or even delete this video. Thanks for watching
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Unbelievable Talent - Peace performance by kids from Japan, Korea & China after Tsunami
The most lovely, beautiful and soothing performance ever by little kids from Japan, China and Korea after the recent Tsunami. Simply outstanding talent and I bet that you would have never seen anything like this. East Asia is the place of the best talent and the guitar skills of babies would make you feel surprised. Also check out the ease with which the babies are playing while keeping the lovely and cute smiles lit on their faces. Note - I do not have all the copyrights to this video and just posted the video to make it more famous and popular. If you hold copyrights to this, let me know and I would be happy to mention your work and link to your channel in video description or even remove this video from YouTube.
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Funniest Dance Video You Will Ever See at an Indian Wedding - Murder of Dance Floor
Classic Dance on the Floor. Hold your breath as you watch two aliens shake their body in an amazing way never ever seen in reality or fiction. It is speculated that these guys were held captive in a 6 x 8 containers for 12 years and then suddenly let loose in this Indian wedding. Its murdering the dance floor straight. People have suggested Ecstacy, Roofie, Marijuana, Alcohol, Viagra, Charlie Sheen Drug, Cialis, Devil or superhuman powers behind their unbelievable energy. This guy has covered every possible way in which a human body can move. Break-dance, MJ style, aerobics, robotic dance, somersaults, bird flying, labor-pain, stomach pain, leg pain, STD pain, headache and so on. Statuary Warning - Don't do cocaine at family events. Dancing is Freedom, who feels it knows it. These Guys are biwinning after drinking Tiger Blood with Charlie Sheen. One of the guys has HONDA dress shirt you can not imagine. As these guys dance in Haryana istyle you will be forced to bow and believe that there is a GOD. These dancing aliens are a potential threat to our Earth. Real Party People. Rocking Avatars from Mars showing you their skilled steps. Guys don't gives a fuck to whoever is watching. Live performance at its best. Drunk maybe but putting DJ blend on Fire. Dancers got Talent. Forget Love, Facebook, Tsunami, Chris Brown & everything else, check this Youtube video, share and start breaking your floor without thinking of steps.
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Its My Life at Iflex ......
Life @ Iflex turns me on..
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The Most Intelligent Baby Girl in the World - Do you know what this 3 year old cute wonder kid knows
3 year old baby girl shows off her knowledge and intelligence to her mother by correctly answering and identifying the capital cities of all the countries around the world. The cute wonder kid accurately tells the capitals of more than 130 countries and she knows all this and much more by heart in less than 3 years of age. Do check her puzzled reactions on countries Kazakhstan and Nigar. Her mom would be happy to see your reactions, so please feel free to Share/Like/Comment on Youtube or Facebook. After watching the video decide for yourself on whether the girl has outstanding abilities and grasp of general knowledge. PLEASE DO COMMENT/ SHARE/LIKE
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You know you're a WP Carey ASU MBA Full-time Student when...
Some of the common truths about the life of a WP Carey MBA full time Student presented by Spencer Hardy in Confluence 2011 at W.P.Carey School of Business, ASU. Anjani Kiran and Gowtham Ponnusamy are handling the stage along with Spencer.. ;) The text of the slide is - "You know you're a WP Carey ASU MBA Full-time Student when - # you dream about 'Deep Supplier Relationship' # you've mathematically had every possible combination of Papa Johns ingredients.  That number is 1,307,674,368,000." # someone says let's bring in the SWAT team and you think of SWOT, Porter, Barney, 5 Forces and VRIO # you spend more time in team room 202B than in your own house. # you start every sentence with "I just wanna say..." # you use Facebook as your main news source for what's going on in the world # you are rushing towards BA199 for IMBAA Tuesdays at 12 PM to grab food before it runs out. # you've taken a nap in study room #214F # you catch yourself counting filler words # you have a detailed knowledge of the best happy hour spots in the metro-phoenix area # you have no idea that the campus is actually gigantic! There are actually other buildings also # You claim to be so busy but spend three to five hours daily on Facebook or Gchat being very unproductive. # Your biggest concern in life is when printer 215-01 is going to be free. # you refer to the parking lot as RUR JUR # if you are unsure of the answer, a safe bet is "it depends" or "private property rights" # you know the legend of the She-Devils # you wake up the morning after a happy hour only to be tagged in dozens of unflattering photos someone took of you the night before. # Your happy hour joke repertoire consists of the bullwhip effect, Markstrat, and Porter's Five Forces. # Hope has replaced Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil as your daily counselor. # Your biggest enemies are the accounting students who take up precious space in the grad suite and feel free to commend and add more facts here.. :)
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Funniest Prank Ever in College Hostel
What Best Friends Do to You and then Laugh for Years - Here's one video for the best friends. Friends who Live with you, Play with you, Cry with you, Drink with you and Laugh with you. Friends from School, college or office. Sometimes you may get angry with them as the Guy in the video gets due to their outstanding funny prank, but then years later we look at the same video and laugh our heart out or sometimes make our eyes moist. The best moments of our life are with friends, the best part of your life are your best friends. Those who will fight the whole world for you and be there in times thick and thin. Remember all the times when you sat for hours together, chatted about nothing, worried about the girls, drank and ate together in hostel and dormitory. Went on bikes to movies together and had the best time ever. Our memory is weak and we tend to forget such precious moments, so take some time and remember your best friends for all the great times you have shared.
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How to Skydive like a Pro.. :)
Forget Indoor Skydiving - This is how you Skydive and Parachute like a Pro.. :)
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The Most Amazing Coffee or Tea Trick You Can Learn
A tea coffee shop in Kathmandu, Nepal where people are served in a special way. It is customer service at its best. Nepal is very famous for its tea and coffee. Tourists from all over the world come to Nepal to relax and enjoy vacations. Himalayas are a big attraction in the Nepal Kingdom. It is a Hindu country and it borders with India on all the sides. Travel and tourism is the main business there and people are always taking care of visitors to improve their reputation. Lot of goods and items are relatively cheap in Nepal. India has been a big supporter of Nepal all these years and India has a partially open border policy with Nepal. Indian citizens do not need a visa to go to Nepal. They can just move to the border, show their identification and cross over. Kathmandu is the capital and biggest city there. There are a lot of miracles sighted in many temples and masjid or mosques in the country. In Nepal, labor is cheap and you can see people squatting and cutting grass by hand at airports the moment you land over there. Nepali people are well known for being Sherpas. News channels are few in Nepal and people depend a lot on Nepal Bank for daily life. Keeping a map is handy in Nepal since the mobile coverage is relatively less. Time and life moves slowly over the mountain kingdom. You will surely fall in love with the beautiful country. People are hard working and friendly. How to have a great vacation - just go to Nepal. You can check web for Nepal Youtube video and facebook material. There are lot of sports available in Nepal.
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Bollywood vs Kollywood Dance ~ Confluence 2011 ~ W. P. Carey School of Business ~ ASU
Bollywood vs Kollywood, an awesome dance performance on "Confluence 2011" at W. P. Carey School of Business. Songs are 'Apdi Pode' (Tamil) & 'Sajnaji vari vari" (Hindi). Performers are DJ, Garima Gupta, Jennifer Metcalf, Rohit Chetty, Gowtham Ponnusamy & friends from Class of 2011/2012..
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Jonathan Koester Group's Salsa Dance - Confluence 2011 - W. P. Carey School of Business - ASU
Jonathan Koester & Group's Superb Salsa performance on "IMBAA Confluence 2011" eve at W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU. Jonathan Koester is the star of WP Carey MBA Class of 2012.
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Americans & Bollywood - Indian Terminator - RWJ Reviews Movie Robot Starring Rajinikanth Aishwarya
Funny Indian Terminator. Check RayWilliamJohnson reacting to latest Bollywood movie 'Robot' starring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya. It is Tamil Movie Enthiran and dubbed in Hindi & English. It might be surprising to know that the hero Rajini is in his 60's, and there are many temples built by his fans for specially worshiping him. Aishwarya is a former Miss World and she has acted in several Hollywood movies like "Pink Panther". This movie is the biggest budget film of Bollywood till date and is an outright Superhit. WANNA DIE LAUGHING - CHECK THIS - http://www.goiit.com/posts/list/community-shelf-99-rajnikanth-jokes-1016995.htm More about Movie - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enthiran Here's the 9 minute clip Ray is talking about - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOb_8DWZvnY RayWilliamJohnson Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/RayWilliamJohnson#p/ Note - RayWilliamJohnson has allowed me to share this small part of his clip for my use. See his remarks in the comment section below. Ray you Rock.. :)
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Cotton Eye Joe Dance ~ Confluence 2011 ~ W. P. Carey School of Business ~ ASU
Cotton Eye Joe Dance, a lovely dance performance on "Confluence 2011" eve at W. P. Carey School of Business. You can't afford to miss last 2 minutes of this video. Performers are Professor A. M., DJ, Stephanie Ketcham, Kristen Medley, Christina Zanotti, Natalie Parker, Taylor Nelson and Cody Ziemer from the Class of 2012.
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Lebanese Traditional Dance ~ Confluence 2011 ~ W. P. Carey School of Business ~ ASU
Lebanese Traditional Dance, a beautiful dance performance on "Confluence 2011" eve at W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU. Performers are Julie Halabi (in Labanese princess costume), Monique Mcdonough and Parama Dutta from the MBA Class of 2012.
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Best Proposal Ever ~ Cute Indian Girl Proposing a Boy with Style, Surprize & Fail Dance
A Cute Indian Girl Proposes a Guy in style. Full of love, dance and surprise.
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Cory Theobald's family's lovely performance ~ Confluence 2011 ~ W. P. Carey School of Business ~ ASU
Cory Theobald's family's lovely singing performance on "IMBAA Confluence 2011" eve at W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU. Get ready for the supernatural charm of Cory's lovely kids on "Peanut Butter Jelly". Performers are Cory Theobald, his wife and his cute kids. Cory is the star of WP Carey MBA Class of 2012.
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Offroading ~ Chuck, John & DJ
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DJ Singh ~ 10K Solutions Intro
Digvijay Singh, MBA Class of 2012, W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU Specialization - Supply Chain Management & Marketing, Why 10K Solutions- Coz it is an interesting initiative for social change & entrepreneurship. Challenge I Like Most - How to build strong vibrant communities.
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How to Celebrate Halloween at Work: Hollywood Style
The most awesome way to celebrate Halloween at work – These are 2015 Hollywood Halloween celebrations at Warner Bros/DC Comics Offices in Burbank. The employees are dressed in costumes and haunted workplace decorations are visible all around. This planned cubicle maze is themed after Halloween scary nights and diverse WB franchises. It has special acts and dances from characters and superheroes from Warner/DC Universe such as Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash (Barry Allen), Arrow, Supergirl, Shazam, Cyborg, Atom, Catwoman, Zombie, Scoby Doo, Shaggy, Wilma, Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, and even Newt Scamander in wand duel at Hogwarts etc. Warner Bros throws amazing parties and events for its employees all year round and the best part is their food. Thanks for watching and please Share, Like, Comment & Subscribe..
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