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Dipo Vac
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Viking Carriers v4
The Viking Carrier. A revolutionary way to transport mobile homes. Finally a breakthrough which will render the 40 year old way of transporting mobile homes, obsolete! Hi My name is Heath Sartini, I am the developer of the Viking Mobile Home transport system which is a transport device specifically built for the manufactured modular home and mobile home industry. We've been using the same old running gear for over 40 years. We have been using a six thousand pound mobile home axel a 14 bias ply tire. It's just incapable of carrying what we are hauling now. The solution for the current running gear we have been using is the Viking Carrier. It's a self contained transport device that takes the place of the current running gear we are using. It carries 60 thousand pounds. It has a self airing system which keeps the tires inflated to 120 pounds at all times. It has a 150,000 pound air over hydraulic lift system, which aides in the set of the house. It has 16 Ply Tires with a 30,000 to 40,000 tire life-span. And we can actually do this application at the same cost as the current, obsolete running gear they are using now. The disadvantages of the current running gear are costly blowouts. In fact, on a 900 to a 1000 mile trip, they are averaging between 14 and 24 blowouts, per home section. Damage to the house occurs and the houses are never arriving on time. The old transport system uses up to 10 axels per half. The Viking Carrier only uses 3 axels, it turns better, it's dueled, more stability and it's capable of registered weight of up to 65,000 to 68,000 pounds. Without buying any extra permits, you can haul up to 64,000 pounds on the Viking Carrier as it sits right now. I'm at a factory right now. The house comes down line, the house comes out with three axels instead of six, eight or ten, whatever they would normally need. It has a camping device to hold the axels on. When it comes out of the plant, our crew comes in. We lift the house up on a 150,000 pound lift system, it's a separate system. We place the carrier underneath, using our custom dolly's which are sitting on the Viking Carrier's air-over-hydrolic lift system. Attach it with a clamping system so there's no more hangers on the house whatsoever, it eliminates all hanging parts, which is a substantial savings to the manufacturer. We do all the attachments and then lower the house. Then it's ready for the transporter to come pick it up and it's ready to go to the job site. We transported the house to Evanston Wyoming from Nampa Idaho with absolutely now problems, no complications and no blowouts. The house arrived in better shape. We have arrived at the job site. The house actually turns better because of the shorter wheel base and holds the load better. We then back the house up to the job site. Now we are ready to crane the house off. We crane the house off the carrier and now it's time to stack the chassis's. The chassis are stacked with the cranes, it's a very simple process, just like the current running gear. We bind them down and hook the air back up to the toter and they are ready for another transportation. Once the haul with the Viking Carrier system, the will never want to haul with the current running gear they are using now. The house will actually stop, it has air brakes, not electric brakes. And the safety factors comply with the DOT and everything else. It has stable, dual tires. There is no comparison to the current running gear they are currently using.
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Viking Carrier The Solution v3
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Viking Carrier The Problem
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02 Ideal Shape Web Video 69 00
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Spectrum Freedom Jet
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Viking Carrier Testimonials v4
A revolution in manufactured and mobile home transport. Ron Christensen-Sales Manager for Kit Home Builders West: "Our experience with the houses we have built and use on the Viking Carrier has been very positive". Jared Oviatt-Production Manager for Kit Home Builders West: "We deal with a lot of phone calls about trucks and homes being broken down along the roadside. It's usually due to a frame failure, and axel failure or a tire failure". Blaine L. Pike-Owner/Driver for Modtranz, Inc.: "We transported one home and because of all the downtime, tire failures and repair, a trip like that would normally take about three to three and a half days, where, when we used the Viking System, we were able to do it in two days. I was curious to how many tires we actually changed. In 2015, the year to date, which is just six months. This is just one of the factories we haul for. We have hauled 88 homes in this time period and changed two hundred and thirty six tires". Jared: "The homes have outgrown the systems of the last fifty years. As they get heavier, they get nicer...". Ron: "You start adding rock to the house, weather it be on the exterior or the interior and other items, all of those begin to contribute to weight". Heith; "But the running gear has stayed the same for 40 years at least. We are using the same type of axel and tire that in the early days may have weighed only Fifteen thousand pounds and now these homes are weighing over Fifty thousand pounds". Ron: "Now these homes have a total of eight or nine axels." Blaine: "Those axels are spread out so far, they are great for going straight down the road, but when you have to turn around a corner, some places may have driveways where we just can't quite get in there without breaking something. But with the Viking Carrier's three truck axels, it's not a problem at all." Jared: "I want to present the best home that we can and with the old axels and tires and so on, the home doesn't always arrive in the best manner we want it to. As it travels, it cracks and then it has to be repaired on site. Ron: "We had one home in that moving it around in our yard, there was a fair amount of drywall breakage that took place and we repaired it..." Jared: I said I was wasting my time. There is no point in fixing them, because by the time we travel there, they will have cracked". Ron: "We did the repairs after we had it on the Viking Carrier and we were just interested to see what condition those repairs would survive or not during the transit from here to the ultimate site. And of all those repairs, none of them broke open." Jared: "I was pleased to contact the setup guys who had indicated that they didn't see the same stress cracks that saw here at the plant. That's new to us." Ron: "Which is I think just a testament to how well the house transported on that Viking Carrier." Jared: "It allows me to present the homeowner, the contractor and the setup people, the best home that is possible. Ron: "The house gets there timely and in even some cases, ahead of schedule." Blaine: "The Viking Carrier has decreased the stress level on our drivers, at least that is what I have noticed, tremendously." Mark Herbst-Driver for Modtrans Inc. "With the carrier, I haven't had to change any tires, it keeps the air pressure in the tires equal, which is perfect! The mobile home industry really needs to look at the current safety aspects of the old running gear, the safety for the public and the condition of the house. There needs to be changes. How long have they recycled these old axels? At least 45 years! Thats called metal fatigue and we are due for a change which is the Viking Carrier system." Dave Eyre-Driver for Care Free Homes: "I don't have to stop and change tires. I can run at a higher speed and wind velocity and not worry, because with the air brakes on the Viking Carrier, it will stop on a dime, where the other brakes take a long time. To keep an accident from happening, this is the way to go. Ron: "There is a safety factor that we will find that is an added benefit over traditional tires and axels." Ron: "I am a proponent of the Viking Carrier system on many levels. Having transported mobile homes for so many years, I think this is the way to go!
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Viking Carrier 2016
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CRS Master v2
Did you remember to take ALL of your medications today? Maybe you are concerned about an aging parent who is getting forgetful? My poor father has finally reached the point where he can't remember when to take his medications, or , if he has taken them at the times he was supposed to. At the end of the month, there would either be way too many medications in his bottle, or way too few. He had previously been diagnosed with mild dementia, and for the most part, he has been able to function normally and live a happy life. However, when it comes to the strict regimen of taking three kinds of medications, three times a day, it has become nearly impossible for him to remember the details of this task on his own. Come to think of it, as I am sitting here writing this, I'm thinking that having to take various types of medications, three times a day, wouldn't be easy for younger people either...who HAVE NOT been diagnosed with any cognitive, or memory dysfunction. A year ago, my sister-in-law began doing some research on various pre-packaged medication systems for my dad. Many offered individual medications, packaged in individual bubble packs, which had the dates and times to take them on. Then she found the EZ Pac system ad Med Sync. The difference with their system is that all of the medications are packaged together in a single package and not packaged as individual medications as the bubble packs are. EZ Pac makes three of these all-in-one packages to take per day. They then package those into a one-month supply dispenser box. It's really amazing! Now there are no questions about when he should take his meds, or, what to take, or, what time of day to take them. All of the packages have the proper medications in them, the date, time and the time of day printed on them. My dad has been using EZ Pac for nearly a year now, and, having said all that, and with all of the amazing convenience of the EZ Pac, he will still occasionally forget to take one of his packs. And, when he does forget, it usually happens in the morning. Did you notice that I said "it usually happens in the morning"? This is information that we would have never known prior to using the EZ Pac system, because the unopened package says 8:00am on it, along with the day he forgot to take it. This brand-new tidbit of information let us know that mornings are a good time to nudge him with a reminder! Before EZ Pac, we would just end up with a bottle of extra pills at the end of the month, not knowing exactly what had happened or when he forgot to take them. So, thank you Medsync for offering this amazing service and product! Stephen W... A very satisfied Medsync customer. Notes from Medsync and Terms: If you do miss a time that you were supposed to take a medication, DO NOT double up on the next dose. If you have medical concerns regarding getting off schedule, please contact your doctor, or call one of the helpful Pharmacists here at Medsync. This offer is for the EZ Pac packaging process only. Your medications are not free, however, our prices are very competitive and are often better than our competition.There is a limit of one EZ PAC, one-month set, per customer.
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Sex is Affordable Again w generic Viagra
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2011 Wet Seal Model Search: Kim Warburton
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Origins Russian-Roots.mov
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Viking Carrier Spacer System v1
Viking Carier Spacer System. The new, cutting edge way to transport modern mobile homes. We run into bridges with higher railings and obstructions where the house is wider. So we developed a spacer system which actually lifts the chassis of the house higher than the obstacle we are trying to cross, leaving the wheels of the carrier on the ground. If you try to do this with mobile home axels, it's impossible. When we arrive at the bridge, we then unbolt the viking carrier from the chassis of the house. We lift the house up and then place our spacers in. We then lower the house back down and attach our spacers with grade A bolts. Now the house is at 42 inches, so we can cross the bridge. It actually started at 22 inches, now it's at 42 inches. We then cross the bridge. Once we get across the bridge, we detach our spacers, lift the house back up and then lower it down on the Viking Carrier. Now your on your way.
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J & L Makeup Demo Reel  1
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Sals Fight June 1st Steel Fist Event
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Origins Spanish Voice Demo.mov
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Puppy Models Top Heavy Doggy Coat
This is hilarious! Rocco the puppy tried on this top-heavy doggy coat...woops!
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Chandler Lamberton Pitching v2
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Daly Films Demo Reel A
Daly Films Creates Award Winning Website Videos, Corporate Videos and Television Commercials Proudly serving Boise and the surrounding area. We have been in the production business for over 25 years! Let your web video do the talking! Call us at (208) 481-4664 or (801) 910-0831 or please fill out our contact form below:
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05 Event Highlights
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Aeris Testimonial Julie Harmon v3
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Daly Films Demo Reel B
Daly Films Creates Award Winning Website Videos, Corporate Videos and Television Commercials Proudly serving Boise and the surrounding area. We have been in the production business for over 25 years! Let your web video do the talking! Call us at (208) 481-4664 or (801) 910-0831 or please fill out our contact form below:
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ModTranz Video
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Animation Sample
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Daly Films Animation Demo
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01 No Coinc English 6 16
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Dales Demolition and Company(4)
What the hell was I thinking!
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Flying to McCall
Jax n Pops on our way to McCall
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Daly Films Highland Heights Dental
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Go Recap Show Closer
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Salt Lake City Kids Camp vid v2
SALT LAKE KIDS CAMP www.saltlakekidscamp.com Salt Lake Kids Camp was created with the working parents in mind! We provide a nurturing environment for our campers while school is out. We build confidence and accomplish this with creative expression and positive energy! We focus on building friendships and making memories through new experiences! At Salt Lake Kids Camp your kids will experience the best summer kids camp that Salt Lake has to offer. This is summer day care at its best, with well trained and reliable staff. Your kids will grow and thrive at our camp. Ages 5 to 13 are welcome. You must hurry, space is limited and going fast! Lady Bugs ​Ages 5-7 Our campers experience their time at camp discovering new opportunities. Their time at Salt Lake Kids Camp will be spent nurturing them and their interests! Lady Bugs will be encouraged to build confidence while trying new things. They will be in a supportive and reassuring environment with caring counselors who understand that this is probably a new setting for them! Bumble Bee's Ages 8-10 Our Bumble Bee's are ready for the next adventure and will have days filled with fun activities and programs! Our camp counselors will be right by their side while they experience new explorations! Bumble Bee's are curious and ready for adventure and our camp counselors have just the right amount of energy to encourage them each day! Butterflies Ages 11-13 Picture Butterflies are all about friendships! They will spend time getting to know other campers and counselors and will have fun helping others be engaging and open to explore everything that Salt Lake Kids Camp has to offer.
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Ascend Timesync Appl Vid Version 3
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Keith and Callie
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Dales Demolition and Company(2)
What the hell was I thinking!
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DF Multi Screen Headder
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05 Fuel Final
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Go Recap Show Closer
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XanGo Goodness Thrive Final 2010
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Sleep Til Your Done Latest
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NordicTrack Spot
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Resolution Revolution v4
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Daly Films Animation v2
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